Adhara Pérez, the girl with a higher coefficient than Einstein’s

She has a new age, is Mexican and dreams of going to space, Adhara perz She could be a girl like any other, but she has a very special quality, her IQ is higher than Albert Einstein’s or Stephen Hawking’s. His intelligence is such that currently, at his very young age, he is studying two university degrees: Systems Engineering at the CNCI and Industrial Engineering in Mathematics, at UNITEC. As if that weren’t enough, the little girl was admitted to the Air and Space Program 2021, a 5-day initiative held in Alabama, in which participants work to find solutions with expert engineers from NASA.


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With an IQ of 162, it’s no wonder that he dreams of working in space, so his next goal is to study astrophysics in Alabama.. According to Infobae, when she was little, at just three years old, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and for years she suffered bullying at school, as she was considered ‘rare’ by her teachers and classmates. Their mother did not let anything discourage them and upon the recommendation of a psychiatrist she decided to analyze his IQ at the Talent Care Center, to discover that his IQ is 32 points above those necessary to be considered gifted.

On her Instagram account, where she defines herself as scientific, it reads: “I am Adhara (and) I want to fulfill my dreams of being a great astronaut”. Firm in her desire, the entire profile shows images in which the little girl wears a NASA shirt or in drawings that make her look like an astronaut, a dream that seems closer than imagined.

With the idea of ​​being able to attend the Air and Space Program, Adhara opened a Twitter account where his only message is addressed to Guillermo del Toro, who is known for supporting causes of this type, asking him for help to participate.

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What is IQ and how is it measured?

IQ is a number that allows to know the intellectual capacity of a person. There are different methodologies to measure the IQ of a person that go according to their age range, but the vast majority are dedicated to analyzing the cognitive abilities of those analyzed. The results can vary, showing from a person with intellectual deficiency (those who are below 69), to those who are considered gifted (being above 130). A person of average intelligence will appear in the ranges between 90 and 109, while there are still two categories above these before reaching an intelligence well above normal. For example, characters like Einstein, Hawking and Gates are tied at 132.

The highest IQ that has been recorded in history is from the American Marilyn vos Savant, who with 228 points, is 8 above Leonardo da Vinci, considered one of the most brilliant men of humanity.


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