Adventure Haute Route, Alaska, Mountain Lake

Our program recommendations for January 12-14, 2021.

Tuesday January 12th

America’s natural wonder: Northern Alaska

Northern Alaska is more deserted and inaccessible than almost any other area on earth. In the mountains of the Brooks Range lies the Gates of the Arctic National Park. Only 1,000 visitors get lost here every year. For them, however, this national park is a paradise. Not only for nature lovers, but also for mountaineers, because the granite towers and steep walls of the Arrigetch Peaks are a challenge. ARD-alpha, 9 p.m.

Wednesday January 13th

Adventure Alps: The ski tour of a lifetime (1/3)

The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt is one of the toughest alpine tours in the Alps. Eighty kilometers in the snow, 7,000 meters in altitude in the steep mountains – Olympic champion Dominique Gisin and her former teammate Fränzi Aufdenblatten dare to venture with five other adventurers (the CEO of Allianz Insurance in Switzerland, a therapeutic educator, a clerk and a single mother with her father ) on this unique journey. 3sat, 1:15 p.m.

The Haute Route welds together: The group of seven with their two mountain guides in the hut.

© ZDF/SRF/Sam Gyger

Adventure Alps – The ski tour of a lifetime (2/3)

The three-part series takes the audience into the alpine world of the 4000 m. It is characterized by steep ascents with skis, skins, crampons and ice ax, abseiling, long traverses and descents. Day tours of six to ten hours are the rule. The group carries their own luggage from hut to hut. 3sat, 2 p.m.

Adventure Alps – The ski tour of life (3/3)

A story about people who grow together as a group, reach their limits and overcome them together. 3sat, 2.40 p.m.

Swiss hotel stories: legends on the mountain

“Bellevue des Alpes” and “Schatzalp” are two legendary mountain hotels. The third episode tells about their owners, their guests and the magical attraction of the Alps. While adventurers and alpinists gathered strength in the “Bellevue” to conquer the infamous Eiger north face, the fine bourgeoisie went to Davos to find healing for body and soul in the luxury sanatorium. The legendary mountain hotel “Bellevue des Alpes” on the Kleine Scheidegg in the Bernese Oberland stands like no other hotel for the sometimes daring conquests of the surrounding peaks. 3sat, 1:20 p.m.

Land of mountains: The Alps in winter – between Epiphany and Carnival

In this production, Land of Mountains shows the fascinating winter landscape of the South Tyrolean Dolomites and mountain regions of East Tyrol in breathtaking aerial photographs. In the snow-covered rock walls, ibex and chamois fight to survive in the harsh winter. And in the valley, at the beginning of each new year, there is a change from Christmas customs to the carnival season. The so-called Mullerlauf in Thaur, a kind of Perchtenlauf, is one of the prominent Tyrolean carnival customs every four to five years. ORF III, 21.05 Uhr

Land of the mountains: Winter idyll in Austria: mountains and lakes in ice and snow

From the Arlberg to Lake Constance to Lake Neusiedl – snow and ice transform mountains, valleys and rivers into a magical winter landscape. There is little that radiates such a great idyll as a freshly snow-covered forest, snow crystals and ice flowers. The documentation includes a journey through snow-covered Austria, shows the animal world and visits people who live and work in harmony with the winter weather. ORF III, 21.55 Uhr

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