Aer Lingus flight information EI3646

Destination: Belfast – Birmingham

Departure from the airport: “George Best Belfast City”, Belfast, UK
Arrival at the airport: “Birmingham”, Birmingham, UK
Distance: 364 km. / 226.19 miles
Flight time: 1 hour. 21 minutes*

Aircraft type: ATR 72

flight Belfast - Birmingham on the map
Flight Belfast – Birmingham on the map

Airline information

IATA airline code: EI
Carrier Airlines: Aer Lingus
Contact Information:
+353 1 886 8505, +353 1 761 7846
Head office address:
Head Office Block, Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
airline Aer Lingus

Flight EI3646 from Belfast, United Kingdom to Birmingham, United Kingdom is operated by Aer Lingus with ATR 72 aircraft.
From George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD), the scheduled flight will depart at 14:30.
The flight arrives at Birmingham Airport (BHX) at 15:45.
The distance between the airport of departure and arrival is 364 km. / 226.19 miles.
Average travel time is usually 1 hour. 21 minutes

Departure and arrival times are local.
* Estimated flight times are approximate, based on the distance between airports, may differ from the actual.
The data are for reference purposes only.
Schedules are subject to change, check with Aer Lingus for the latest information.

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