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NEW YORK. An Afghan family who fled Kabul when the capital was taken over by the Taliban last August and found refuge in the US lost everything again when a tornado destroyed their home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The story of the Rahmatys is told by The New York Times, which interviews Sodaba, a young man who explains that the family arrived in Bowling Green after a haphazard trip between Kabul, Doha, Germany and finally a temporary camp in Virginia, where they stayed three months until they were assigned permanent housing.

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The Rahmatys are part of a group of 200 Afghans settled in Bowling Green as part of a multi-state refugee reception program, but they had only been living in that town for three weeks, which was among the hardest hit by the 9/11 tornado. december.

The day the tornado arrived, he received an alarm message on his cell phone and had to leave his house in a hurry, in time to avoid being hit by the gale, which killed 16 people there.

Just four months after fleeing Kabul, the Rahmaty family find themselves with nothing, temporarily residing in a hostel. “Again we are displaced, things are not clear to us”, she laments, but she says: “I am happy to be alive and hope for a better future”.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, winter has arrived and the ranks of hunger continue to grow, with more than half the population suffering from food shortages, while restrictions on the new Taliban regime continue to limit humanitarian aid.

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During Kabul’s frequent traffic jams, dozens of children jump out of car windows, hang from awnings or sit in the middle of the road begging for one of the worn-out pennies worth of bills.

Meanwhile, at one of the distribution points of the World Food Program (WFP), dozens of people wait in several lines with their ration cards, in what is the second distribution of this organization in the area in less than a month.

The WFP warned that “a human crisis of incredible proportions has become even more complex and serious since the Taliban took control, (…) with 22.8 million Afghans – or more than half the population – without enough food ” and malnutrition above emergency thresholds in 25 of the 34 provinces.


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