After more than three hours of discussion, the Chandler School District decided to return to virtual classes | Video | Univision Phoenix KTVW

reporter: good afternoon.

a meeting that which duó ás

three hours.

we virtually follow from

beginning to end.

although there were feelings

found, many of the

testimonies that were heard

during this meeting they coincide

with the opinion and recommendation

of the superintendent of


the best and safest for now

is to return to learning


[habla en ingés]

reporter: for this resident

the decision was clear.

if it was allowed to return in

class projections

indicated that the cases were leaving

to increase and that tended

to close the


this mother said she works with

patients with coronavirus and what

see people in their 40s and 50s.

healthy parents who

for a moment they think that

they are improving and suddenly


after three hours of

board discussion

from the school district,

testimonials like these, the

The decision was to return to


the class saon the best

place for children


at this time return to

classrooms in person is not the thing


[habla en ingés]

reporter: confirmed by

arizona superintendent.

after the meetings and

holiday celebrations are

fired cases.

for is your recommendation is

back to virtual learning

for the next two weeks.

according to the document of the

health department

counties are in education


warns that there are districts and

schools with classes

face-to-face, although not

comply with the recommended

For the state.

he asked the governor to

impose a command to close

the schools.

Explain who has the

closing authority are the


governor and boards

school directives.

that many times the meeting is

divided to the point that

superintendents who had

to give up.

that if the governor puts a

state mandate that will help

the districts. says understand

that virtual is not ideal.

but there is light at the end of


the teachers will begin to be


the superintendent said

will do everything possible to

schools reopen so


insisted that all

decisions must be based

in those recommended by the

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