After storming the US Capitol: more arrests and high barriers

After the storm on the US Capitol, the investigation is in full swing and high security fences are being erected. US President Trump wants to comment on the riot allegations. His advisors have another tip.

By Torsten Teichmann, ARD Studio Washington

FBI investigators have expanded their investigation, reports CBS. The question is whether some of the rioters broke into the US Capitol on Wednesday with the firm intention of injuring MPs or even taking them hostage.

In Washington, after the White House and Capitol, meter-high safety fences have now been erected around the Supreme Court. Former FBI director of security, Frank Figliuzzi, told NBC that the danger was not over yet: “I would like to say the danger is over. But the truth is that the danger remains and we only have a breather procured. “

Investigators are looking for the originators of the pipe bombs

When investigating two pipe bombs, the investigators ask for help in finding the originator. The explosives were defused in time on Wednesday in front of the party headquarters by Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

Multiple arrests

Other suspects can apparently be identified relatively easily, via live streams of the riots and countless pictures on social media.

Florida law enforcement officers arrested Adam Johnson yesterday. Johnson was seen in pictures carrying away the speaker’s lectern. Jake Angeli, who posed at the Senate lectern in a fur hat and bull horns and is part of the far-right QAnon movement, has been arrested in Arizona. A local West Virginia MP, Derek Evans has resigned and has also been taken into custody.

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The suspects are charged with rioting, obstruction of the work of Congress and conspiracy, among other things. The spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, also demands consequences for President Donald Trump.

Accusation: call for riot

In a draft for yet another impeachment, President Trump is accused of inciting riot and endangering the security of the United States: “The person in charge of the executive is unfortunately a troubled, confused and dangerous President of the United States. It is only a few more days until we are safe from him. But he did something so serious that he should be charged. ” The entire interview with Pelosi only runs in the evening on the television channel CBS.

Some Republicans, like Senator Pat Tommey, also demand Trump’s withdrawal – but she is unsure whether an impeachment process will still be successful: “The president’s behavior this week disqualifies him from his job. But there are only ten days left.”

Advisors recommend Trump golf game in Florida

In ten days, the loser Trump will leave office. Republican Ben Sasse said in a radio interview that White House staff reported how Trump watched the storm on the Capitol on television.

Trump walked through the White House unsettled because employees of his team were less enthusiastic about the course of events than he was. Trump is considering whether to respond to the allegations with a series of television interviews, writes the Internet site “TheDailyBeast”. Some advisors had suggested that he should only travel to Florida and play golf in the remaining time.

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Vice President Pence comes to Biden’s swearing-in ceremony

US Vice President Mike Pence has promised to attend the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden on January 20th. Biden stated that Pence would be welcome when he was sworn in.

Pence, who stood loyally at Donald Trump’s side for a long time, had recently broken with the outgoing US president and officially recognized Biden’s election victory – unlike Trump.

Trump had previously announced that he would not come to Biden’s inauguration. He is breaking with tradition. Biden said it was a good decision Trump made.

The Tagesschau reported on this topic on January 10, 2021 at 9:58 a.m.


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