After the murder of four students in Idaho, the profile of the suspect fascinates and frightens the Americans

MONROE COUNTY CORRECTION FACILITY The main suspect in this quadruple murder case in Idaho, Bryan Kohberger, is a 28-year-old doctoral student in criminology and criminal law.

UNITED STATES – A mysterious case of quadruple murder in l’Idaho shake them United States for seven weeks now. And the more the circumstances become clearer, the more the speculations go well… In particular since a man, doctoral student in criminology, was arrested this Friday, December 30 and charged for the four “murders”.

Until then, the case intrigued many Americans by its morbid nature and the lack of information provided by the police: four bodies, lacerated with stab wounds, were discovered on November 13 in a residence in the small town university in Moscow, Idaho. They were those of students without history: Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, both 21 years old, as well as Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin, 20 years old each and in a relationship. They appeared to have been killed in their sleep, without their murder waking up their two other roommates.

The case took a completely different turn when the authorities announced on Friday the arrest of Bryan Kohberger, in Pennsylvania, and more particularly when they revealed his university career. The 28-year-old suspect, arrested more than 4,000 km from the crime scene, holds a degree in criminology and criminal law. In the land of serial killerswhat could be more hectic than a criminal affairs specialist suspected of a quadruple murder?

A legion of misinformation

From then on, many anonymous people went there with their own interpretation, playing detectives. On social networks, Americans claim, for example, that Bryan Kohberger followed his victims on Instagram before the murders. Information denied since. “We searched for Bryan Kohberger on some social media platforms this morning, but there was nothing. Then Instagram accounts without posts started popping up with his name on it”warns a journalist from the local television channel KTVB on Twitter. “Be careful what you believe on social media”she adds.

Others unearthed a supposed phone call from the suspect to a podcast devoted to criminal cases, « Allegedly With T-REV ». The passage, in which a man asks in particular how to go about hiding bodies effectively, was widely taken up on Twitter and would have been sent to the FBI, according to these publications. The author of the podcast, nicknamed T-REV, nevertheless assures that he has no idea of ​​the identity of the man who made this call, and does not say whether or not he collaborated with the authorities.

The motive is still totally unknown

In reality, very little information on the suspect has been given by the police, in particular because the judicial file remains under seal pending the transfer of Bryan Kohberger to Idaho, according to prosecutor Bill Thompson. For the moment, no motive has been mentioned by the investigators. The only thing we know is that the suspect was arrested after a car, spotted at the crime scene and searched for several weeks, had been located. According to American media, the police succeeded in linking the alleged murderer to this vehicle and found traces of his DNA at the crime scene.

If the police are well aware that this information delivered in dribs and drabs can feed « frustrations »she assures that it was for the good of the investigation: to give too many details “could have alerted the suspect to our progress”, said James Fry, the chief of police of Moscow. One more proof, if it were needed, that this case fascinates the United States: more than 19,000 “pipes” Potentials have been sent to local authorities since the discovery of the bodies.

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