Aggressive snowstorm threatens the United States: How many inches and areas affected

As winter approaches, snow storms intensify USA.

Currently, More than 10 million Americans are under alert due to an aggressive winter storm that will hit the country of the stars and stripes from is Monday, December 12, until next Saturday, December 17.

“Several days of severe weather are expected this week, peaking tomorrow afternoon and overnightwhen some strong tornadoes are possible in Texas and LA.” warned the National Weather Service (NWS).

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Aggressive snowstorm threatens the United States: How many inches and areas affected

According to meteorologist Carlos Robles, the storm will begin in the mountain area and move towards the east coast of the country, with the state of Idaho being one of the most affected areas. There will also be effects on Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Rapid City, Billings, Boise and Bismarck, where heavy snow is expected to fall at 35 mph, which will cause a reduced visibility, especially in Colorado where snowfall will be heaviest.

As the phenomenon moves toward the nation’s east coast, the storm is expected to strike on wednesday, december 14 TexasLouisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and some parts of Alabama, where are they expected heavy rain with winds up to 70 mph and 2.0″ diameter hail.

By Thursday, the storm will move east, causing snowfall from Raleigh to New York. The situation is expected improve over the weekend; meanwhile, affected areas will have to deal with snow accumulation of two to four inches.

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