Aitana Ocaña hallucinates when listening to Fangoria covering one of her songs

  • Fangoria has performed this Monday, December 5 at the Wizink Center in Madrid

  • Aitana attended the Fangoria concert and uploaded several videos to her Instagram stories

  • The group from Alaska and Nacho Canut have put together the songs ‘Bailando’ and ‘En el coche’

Aitana Ocaña is a big fan of FangoriaHe has said it on more than one occasion. He enjoys his music a lot and this Monday, December 5, he attended the concert given by the musical group at the Wizink Center in Madrid, which none of his fans wanted to miss either, that is why the venue was packed with people.

Before Fangoria took the stage, they performed as opening act Marta Sango, the Dj’s Pam Hogg, Arakis, and the Nancys Rubias. Aitana did not want to miss this concert, the artist, who has finished her tour and has premiered her series ‘La Última’, was in the audience, as she herself has shown through her Instagram stories, where she has uploaded several videos of the show.

Already during the performance of the Nancys Rubias, Aitana shared a video in which she wrote: “THE MOST”. Later, another simply mentioning Fangoria and, finally, another in which Fangoria’s version of his song ‘En el coche’ could be heard in the background.

‘Dancing’ + ‘In the car’

Aitana was very excited to hear Fangoria interpret ‘En el coche’ and that is why she uploaded a video to her Instagram stories in which it could be read: “You don’t know the emotion I felt at that moment. I love her.” It is clear that for Aitana living that moment in first person at the Wizink Center has been very emotional.

However, it probably did not take him by surprise, since the group said in an interview with ‘La Vanguardia’ that the oldest song that they continue to sing at their concerts is ‘Bailando’, “which must be about 40 years old”, but that By putting it together with “Aitana’s, ‘En el coche’, it has entered the public phenomenally. ‘Bailando’ is a song that has hit all ages, except grunge.”

It is true that the combination of these two songs is a complete success, Fangoria’s audience loves it and Aitana’s fans too. Now, the one who has given everything with her has been Aitana herself who, as we have commented previously, has uploaded a video of herself to her Instagram stories, where she wanted to make it very clear the enormous admiration she feels for this group and happy that he is that they interpret part of one of his songs in his concerts.

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