Alabama: a pileup “probably” linked to storm Claudette left at least 10 dead

Among the ten victims of this accident which occurred on Saturday near Greenville, in the American state of Alabama are 9 children. The pileup involved more than 15 vehicles.

Accident due to aquaplaning

Tropical Storm Claudette, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico, “most likely” caused a deadly accident in the US state ofAlabama. At least 10 people died Saturday near Greenville following a pile-up involving more than 15 vehicles. Butler County Medical Examiner Wayne Garlock said the cars were heading north on I-65. The incident is believed to be the result of aquaplaning, he pointed out on the account of BFM TV.

Children from 4 to 17 years old

Among the 10 victims of theaccident there were eight children from 4 to 17 years old. They were in a vehicle at the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch, a facility that houses young victims of abuse or neglect. A father and his nine-month-old daughter were riding in another car. Their death occurred at the same time as their transport to a hospital in the region, noted the medical examiner. Two other people, unrelated to the pile-up, also lost their lives when Claudette passed by, the president of the Tuscaloosa city council said on Saturday (Alabama), Kip Tyner.

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