Alabama criminalizes abortion


Hundreds of women go to the barricades

Now it’s official: The Republican governor of the US state of Alabama, Kay Ivey, has signed a law that makes abortion a criminal offense – including rape or incest. Reason for hundreds of women to take to the streets and fight for their rights.

It’s the toughest abortion law in the United States

It is here that Alabama Republican governor Kay Ivey signs the controversial bill.

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Any abortion will be illegal in the state in the southern United States and will be made a criminal offense. The women themselves remain unpunished, but the doctors risk up to 99 years in prison for performing an operation. Ten years imprisonment is provided for attempting an abortion alone. There is one exception in the law: If the mother’s life is acutely endangered by the pregnancy, it can be terminated.

Conservative Republicans have one goal

May 14, 2019, USA, Montgomery: Margeaux Hartline, disguised as a maid, protests against an abortion law in front of the Alabama State House during a rally.  The Alabama Senate has passed a bill that allows abortions to become part of the US Confederation

Hundreds of women demonstrated against the law in front of the Senate in Montgomery.

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Hundreds of women protested in front of the parliament in Alabama’s capital Montgomery in the past few days. Sentences like “Abortion is a human right” and “Protect women’s rights” were on their posters. The Senate waved the controversial bill, which mostly affects poor and black women, through anyway – thanks to a majority of 25 male Republicans.

However, the law will most likely not come into force because it violates the previous jurisprudence of the highest US court. But that is exactly what the anti-abortionists aim at. They hope that the highest court will overturn the nationwide constitutional right to abortion, which has existed in the United States since 1973, entirely. Most of the judges are conservative. US President Donald Trump established this majority by appointing two judges.

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“Is the baby in the womb a person?”

Of all people, it was a woman who initiated the controversial law in Alabama, Republican MP Terri Collins. “Is the baby in the womb a person? According to the law in Alabama, it is a person. That’s what we believe, that’s why it was voted on,” she said, according to the Washington Post.

But there are also votes in the Senate that are against the law. “I apologize to all women in Alabama for this outdated law that we passed. And for living in a state that requires women to have a child for nine months after being raped,” said the Democrat MP Bobby Singleton.


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