Alabama Crimson Tide – Tennessee Volunteers Prediction (December 30th), odds and odds

On December 30, 2021 at 05:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the NCAA championship, in which the local club Alabama Crimson Tide will take on the Tennessee Volunteers national championship rival.

After several away matches, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club is finally returning to its home walls, where on December 30, 2021 it will face the Tennessee Volunteers BC. Moscow time, the start of the game will be at 05:00. For five years the teams have not played with each other, since they did not play together in this tournament. But, if we take into account the history of personal meetings, then it speaks in favor of the current guests.

Alabama Crimson Tide – Tennessee Volunteers. WHO FAVORITE THE MATCH?

The match between basketball clubs Alabama Crimson Tide and Tennessee Volunteers was going to be held last month, but due to the participation of many players in the matches of national teams, the meeting was postponed to December 30, 2021. It will start at 05:00 Moscow time. Since the teams represent the same Division, they regularly meet on the basketball court, and this season there have already been three fights in which the hosts of this game looked stronger, having won all three victories.

Alabama Crimson Tide

For this match, the basketball players of the Alabama Crimson Tide club will come out in an excellent mood, because they are now giving out a streak of four victories, and in the last ten matches there were nine winning ones. The hosts are distinguished by a very reliable defense, as in these ten rounds they only once allowed the opponent to score more than a hundred points. Basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide leads the championship, having already won 34 victories this season, with only ten defeats. Moreover, the team lost at home only three times. The hosts’ attack is also good, because there are rarely such fights in which the basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide cannot score more than a hundred points. The team has no serious personnel losses now, because although there are basketball players in the infirmary, they do not play an important role this season.

In the offseason, Tennessee Volunteers’ basketball team spent over $ 100 million on transfers, but most newcomers are still struggling to achieve their expected level. Yes, the invitation of a new coach, who is a very experienced specialist, paid off, because the team played better. But, nevertheless, the guests are not in the lead in the tournament, but simply are among the top eight. With the current mentor, the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club played stronger in attack, as the players began to act more diversely, and during the attack, absolutely all the basketball players on the court run to someone else’s ring. Sometimes this allows the opponent to carry out a successful counterattack, but since the guests demonstrate an excellent realization of their own chances, it is easy to block the successful throws of the opposing team at the expense of their own points. The Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Club has no staffing issues ahead of this game.

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On December 30, 2021, the organizers of the basketball tournament were forced to postpone the Alabama Crimson Tide – Tennessee Volunteers match, as earlier it could not take place due to the participation of many players in the national teams. The referee of the match will start the basketball match at 05:00 Moscow time. Recently the teams played with each other and four quarters did not determine the winner, and in overtime the guests of this meeting were stronger.

With the arrival of a new coach, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club began to show a truly team game. The individual performance of the players suffered from this, but the overall results of the team have improved significantly, so that this season the hosts are among the strongest in this tournament. If we take the last game, then only one basketball player managed to score seventeen points, and the rest did not score more than fifteen, but all twelve announced players managed to be noted. The key center plays very effectively, who began to score less, but now completely excludes the leader of the opposing team from the game. The current mentor also made a defensive bias, so now the hosts play very reliably in defense, not often letting the enemy get close to their ring. In this match, everything is in order with the defense players, and only a heavy forward who injured his ankle in the last match can miss the game.

Last month, the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club played downright poorly, with only two wins, which lowered the team slightly in the standings. But, this month, the guests were still able to get together, so they show a much better game. The Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Club is reliable defensively and attacking much more powerful, so now it is difficult to believe that the team is not having the most stable season. The improvement in the game was due to the fact that two key basketball players returned to service, on whom all the tactics of the head coach were based. Both basketball players, after returning in each match, gain more than twenty points, which allows the team to win. Yes, there are still several basketball players in the infirmary, but almost all of them are reserve players, with the exception of the attacking defender, but the head coach has someone else to release to this position.

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Basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide after a long away streak returns to their home walls, where on December 30, 2021 they will play a match against BC Tennessee Volunteers. The siren will sound at 05:00 Moscow time. This season, the hosts have already managed to beat this opponent, when three months ago a victory was recorded with an advantage of eighteen points. Last year, BC Alabama Crimson Tide also had no problems in confrontations with this team, having won two victories.

This season, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club has been playing very aggressively on the opposing side of the court, and it was skillful offensive actions that often allowed the team to come back, although before that it was losing with a large gap. Having not the strongest line-up in this tournament, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club already created a real sensation when it managed to qualify for the playoffs, and even go through the first stage, although the opponent was very difficult and more experienced. The hosts themselves have not played at such a high level for a long time, but the basketball players of the Alabama Crimson Tide club, although they do not have experience, still have great talent and most of them regularly score points in every match. In addition, the hosts are distinguished by good teamwork, so they move very quickly from defense to attack. Only the center, who injured his wrist, will not help the team in this game.

Last week, basketball club Tennessee Volunteers did manage to overcome a streak of setbacks and win a much-needed win that propelled the team to ninth place and brought it substantially closer to the playoffs. Until the last match, the guests had a series of four defeats, and the Tennessee Volunteers’ basketball players also did not start the last game in the best way, because in the first quarter they allowed the opponent to score almost forty points. In the second quarter, the guests also played poorly, but after a long break, a completely different team entered the court, which managed to eliminate a huge gap, and still win with a margin of six points. If the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club continues to play as in the second half of the last match, then the guests will definitely be able to break into the ranks of the strongest and the season will not end at the end of the regular season. At the moment, the team has no personnel losses, as minor damage to those players who rarely appeared this season.

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TODAY MATCH Alabama Crimson Tide – Tennessee Volunteers. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club are already accustomed to constant victories, because if the team does not win the regular season, then it necessarily shows itself well in the playoffs. At the moment, the hosts are second in the championship, not far behind the leader, so the team still has time to get to the first line. Moreover, the basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide is still invincible at home, having won absolutely all home matches this season. The hosts manage to show good results thanks to their powerful offensive play, because on average the team is gaining more than 115 points per match. And the head coach does not rely only on the top five, but often lets out other basketball players on the court, giving the team leaders time to rest. The Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club’s winning streak is now seven games, and it may increase, since the hosts have no personnel losses.

After the disastrous last season, the management of the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club not only dismissed the head coach, but also broke contracts with several players. A new mentor was invited, who immediately attracted new players to the team, and it was on them that he began to build the whole game. The changes were beneficial to the guests, because now the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club no longer looks like an obvious outsider, and even has a chance to qualify for the playoffs, as it is in ninth place and the gap is not very large from eighth. The team recently had a slight slump, which led to a streak of five defeats, but the guests still managed to overcome the crisis, which made it possible to improve the game, and in the last four games there have been three wins and only one defeat. The new mentor relies heavily on defense, so if the team is satisfied with the result, the basketball players of the Tennessee Volunteers are very reliably defended and practically do not let their rivals reach their ring. Apart from the disqualification of the light forward, the guests have no personnel losses.


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