Alabama girl makes a school project come true and today she is CEO of a truck ice cream

Niña makes her dream come true and today she is a businesswoman.

JillWellington / Pixabay

At just 8 years old, a girl from Birmingham, Alabama is working hard to achieve her goals.

Della Morgan runs Deljen’s Shaved Ice, a growing shaved ice business.

How did your business come about?

Through her website, the minor explains the origin of Deljen’s Shaved Ice, she says that, in January 2021, her first grade teacher assigned the class a diary message about “What goal would you like to accomplish this year?”

Della had the idea of ​​starting a shaved ice business in the small town where she lives with her parents, because it is something that she really likes to eat.

“I wanted to sell ice cream and ice cream to my friends, family and school friends”it reads.

The girl indicates that she quickly began to write the goal of her own business.

He told his mom about his great idea and she started putting it into practice.

“From there, he helped me in less than 3 months to make my goal and dream come true. My parents believed in me; Shaved Ice by Deljen was born when I was 6 years old”, he reports.

The menu that Della’s business has is quite extensive, since has 30 flavorsranging from the classics to wedding cake, margarita, bahama mama, among others.

Also, your customers can add some toppingeither sweet or savory, to give even more flavor to the scraping of your choice.

In an interview with WVTM 13, the small entrepreneur said what it feels like to be CEO of her company at just 8 years old. “It feels great because I am young and gaining experience”Della said.

Likewise, she calls on other children not to give up on their dreams, and when asked where the security she projects comes from, she indicates that it comes from the bottom of her heart.

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