Alabama Mike et Saodaj’ au ​​Kerveguen


Chicago Alabama chic style blues singer Mike is shaking up the status quo of the genre with his vibrant new approach to music, making it refreshing and relevant for life in the 21st century. Alabama Mike is a force on the mic. This first class tenor has a sound that will remind you of a young BB King or even Buddy Guy, Elmore James and Little Johnny Taylor. To be discovered at the Blues Maron Festival.


If Reunion is a crossroads where the cultures of the world meet, Saodaj could be one of its symbols. A music that questions, through the Creole and French language, the beauties and excesses of our world.

After more than 300 concerts in Reunion and abroad, Marie Lanfroy, Jonathan Itéma and their group devote themselves to the production of their first album: “Laz”. Emancipation, justice, resilience: with passion and humility, the texts are indignant, the texts dream.

The beginning of the evening will be provided by Mister Joce Band, a band of good musical dalons, combining covers and compositions, on tunes of Blues Rock, Reggae.

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