Alabama police arrest suspect 26 years after murder outside nightclub

In October 1996, Joseph Todd Jowers was shot and killed outside a nightclub where he often came to do karaoke. The police say they have arrested his killer.

It’s a mystery that Alabama police say they’ve put an end to, 26 years after the investigation began. US state law enforcement says it arrested a suspect in the October 1996 shooting of a 32-year-old man outside a Tuscaloosa nightclub.

According to the American media ALJoseph Todd Jowers had his habits in this establishment, the Classics Lounge, which no longer exists. He gave dance lessons there and went there regularly to do karaoke.

One night in October 1996, however, the young man was shot in the head as he was walking a woman out of the club to her car at around 2 a.m. The beginning of an investigation which is then based only on meager clues and contradictory testimonies.

His companion at the time was unable to describe his attacker. According to the police, he had to hide in the bushes after shooting, then was able to flee through a wooded area. No one had ever been arrested.

The file re-examined last year

As the years passed, the investigation slowed down, but the file was not closed. It was not until the police took over the case by re-examining the evidence that a suspect could be arrested last Thursday.

“Over the past year, investigators from the Violent Crimes Unit … have re-examined evidence, located numerous individuals who were believed to be witnesses to the original case,” Capt Jack said. Kennedy, quoted by AL.

The alleged murderer, 49 years old today, was jailed after his arrest. For the time being, however, we do not know what his motivations could have been.

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