Alabama recognizes the national title of Ohio St.

MIAMI GARDEN, Florida. (AP) – The celebration was both familiar and unique. The confetti guns lifted a purple and white shower in the air, and Alabama players ran to the sidelines to grab championship hats and t-shirts.

It is a rite when you played for “Raspberry Tide” under coach Nick Saban.

This time the band playing the battle song was picked up in a trumpet, and when “Sweet Home Alabama” thundered, several thousand Tide fans were still singing along in the stadium.

The final game of college football season during the pandemic, a season that couldn’t be played during the summer and fall, was rife with interruptions and ended in a predictable way: Alabama came out on top for the sixth time in May 1

2 years the national champion of the year in Saban.

Devont Smith was not exposed, Neji Harris was not stopped, and McJones was impeccable when Tide won a college soccer championship game Monday night in a 52:24 game against the Ohio state № 3 team. They ended the year 13-0 – a full season that left many wondering if it was possible to play in any one.

“I think we’re the best team in history,” said Jones.

Overall, it was the №7 title in his career for Saban, which the college head coach for the most part severed from ties to the great Alabama Paul “Bear” Bryant.

“For me it’s the main team,” said Saban. “This team has more cohesion than almost any other team we’ve had. They’ve had so much to overcome and endure this season, and they did wonderfully. “

Ohio (7-1) just failed. Justin Fields, who played his last game before being sent to the NFL, walked 194 yards and landed. Whether Fields was 100% after a hard kick to the side during his brilliant semi-final performance against Clemson was clear.

“I could be there,” a junior defender would say.

On their first visit to the “parties” they lost the star, who played Trey Sermon before the injury, and in the game they had to run at maximum speed, in the face of one of the biggest crimes in recent history they were too sprayed. Ohio has never allowed more points in a bowl game.

“I think there is a feeling that if you don’t kill, then the pressure will increase, and then the pressure will build,” said Bucky trainer Ryan Day, who has faced a tidal crime.

Fans may argue which team from the Sabanov dynasty is the best, but none will be more memorable than this group.

“All together,” said Smith. “Last year people said the dynasty was over. We don’t stop. We just keep restarting. “

After two full seasons without a national title win, “Tide” ended perfectly in a season that couldn’t be further. COVID-19 forced teams to impose quarantine and endless trials and uncertainties every week, with games mostly taking place in empty stadiums.

“For me, this team has achieved more than almost any other team,” said Saban. “We didn’t have any disrespect to other teams, but this team won 11 SEC games. No other team did that. They won the SEC and went undefeated in the SEC. Then they beat two great teams in the playoffs without a break. I think there will be a lot to write about this team’s legacy. “

Only about 15,000 fans were at Hard Rock Stadium, with a capacity of 65,326 people, to see the final great performance at Smith College. The Heisman Trophy winner had a catch of 12 catches over 215 meters and three touchdowns in the first half.

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“Heaven knows what he would do if he played the whole game,” said Saban.

In a multitude of steps and misdirections, upcoming coordinator Steve Sargsyan twisted the Ohio heads of state to find Smith. At one point he suddenly collided with a substitute defender whom he left in the dust for 42 meters to get the score between 35 and 17. There were 41 seconds left in the second quarter.

Smith, who ended his season as a freshman with a pass at Tua Tagawailaa that won the 2017 national championship, ended his career in Alabama as the leading career receiver in the history of the Southeast Conference and a standout striker in the third game for the title.

Sargsyan travels to Texas as head coach. Longhorn fans had to enjoy what they saw. If only he could get Smith and his Heisman to Austin.

Jones, who finished third in the Heisman vote, finished 36th for 45 on a CFP championship record of 464 yards and five touchdowns. In perhaps one of the most neglected seasons the quarterback has ever played, Jones set a record for passer-by effectiveness in one season – 203.

Harris, who was fifth in the Heisman race, had 158 yards ahead of the fight with 29 strokes, scored three hits, setting an SEC record for 30 touchdowns that season.

Smith barely played in the second half and injured himself. In the fourth quarter he returned to the sidelines, grabbed his right hand in his wrist, taped two fingers together, and put on a Heisman mask.

Alabama almost missed it and hacked 50 early in the fourth quarter when Harris walked in untouched from the courtyard.

Smith and Harris surprised some by returning to college for senior years after last season.

Boy was it worth it? Along with Jones, another participant on this set in 2017, they will be leaving Alabama as team leaders who managed to ease the difficult march under the pandemic.

“We all had missions trying to get everything right,” said Smith. “We all went to work and everything ended the way we wanted it to.”


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