Alabama State Hornets – Grembling State Tigers prediction (03 January), bets and odds

On 03/01/2021 at 01:30 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the NCAA championship, in which the local club Alabama State Hornets will take on the rival in the national championship of the Grembling State Tigers.

Bookmakers have updated their line, and basketball fans will be interested in the Alabama State Hornets – Grambling State Tigers duel, scheduled for 01/03/2021. Basketball players will appear on the court at 01:30 Moscow time. Since both matches this season were won by the basketball club Grambling State Tigers, the fans of the hosts hope that their team will try to please with victory at least at home.

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As of 01/03/2021, new events have appeared in bookmakers, so you can find the Alabama State Hornets – Grambling State Tigers basketball match in the line. Pre-match bets on this game will be accepted until 01:30 Moscow time. And after the start of the match, bookmakers will start accepting bets in real time. For two years, the teams have not played with each other, and in the last ten matches the Alabama State Hornets basketball club is in the lead, having won seven victories.

Alabama State Hornets

Basketball club Alabama State Hornets lost in the last round, but fans hope that their home arena will positively influence the team, because basketball players play much better at home and show better results. For the entire season, the basketball club Alabama State Hornets have lost only two meetings at home, so the hosts are unlikely to lose points, especially in a match with such a simple opponent. Yes, the team lost two of its leaders, without which it is very difficult to play, and the last round was clear proof of that. But, if we take the last four matches, where there were also no injured basketball players, then they had only one defeat and four wins. The hosts are now third in the standings, so they have practically secured a ticket to the playoffs, but they still have good chances for a champion title.

The president of the Grambling State Tigers basketball club does nothing to keep many of the key players, so after a successful last season three basketball players left the team at once. There were no major transfers, so the head coach does not have eight playable players at his disposal, and there are only four basketball players available for rotation. And since now they have to play on a difficult calendar, many basketball players of the Grembling State Tigers are very tired and do not have time to fully recover by the next match. The lack of a good center is especially felt, so that the guests do not always manage to quickly create a counterattack and go from defense to attack. In the last eight matches, the team lost four times, which slightly lowered the basketball club Grambling State Tigers in the championship, but so far the team is still a contender for the playoffs.

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The Alabama State Hornets basketball club will end their home streak with a match scheduled for 01/03/2021. This time, the hosts’ rival will be the Grembling State Tigers, so at 01:30 Moscow time the fans in the stands should see a real spectacle. The last time the teams played against each other two months ago, and then the basketball club Alabama State Hornets won 132-126. The same team leads in the overall statistics of the confrontation.

In recent years, the Alabama State Hornets have been one of the strongest basketball clubs in this tournament, but at the moment the team is not in the best condition, as it cannot find its game. After a weak start to the season, the head coach was dismissed, and the new mentor cannot achieve stability from his charges, since many basketball players show weak physical shape and are simply not ready to play at this level. If the basketball players of the Alabama State Hornets club are still doing well at someone else’s ring, then the defensive play is much worse than last year, since the team allows almost every opponent to gain a lot of points. In part, the failures in defense can be attributed to permanent injuries, since at the moment there are two attacking defenders in the infirmary, which are key. And now the team still doesn’t have players who can shoot three-pointers.

Last month, basketball club Grambling State Tigers played downright poorly with only two wins, which lowered the team a little in the standings. But, this month, the guests were still able to get together, so they show a much better game. Basketball club Grambling State Tigers are reliable in defense and attack much more powerful, so now it is difficult to believe that the team is not having the most stable season. The improvement in the game was due to the fact that two key basketball players returned to service, on whom all the tactics of the head coach were based. Both basketball players, after returning in each match, gain more than twenty points, which allows the team to win. Yes, there are still several basketball players in the infirmary, but almost all of them are reserve players, with the exception of the attacking defender, but the head coach has someone else to release to this position.

Basketball club Alabama State Hornets after a long away streak returns to their home walls, where 01/03/2021 will play a match against BC Grembling State Tigers. The siren, which will notify the start of the fight, will sound at 01:30 Moscow time. This season, the hosts have already managed to beat this opponent, when three months ago a victory was recorded with an advantage of eighteen points. Last year, BC Alabama State Hornets also had no problems in confrontations with this team, having won two victories.

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Despite the fact that the basketball club of the Alabama State Hornets did not start the season in the best way, so that it was even in the middle of the standings for some time, the team gradually began to improve. Now the hosts are already fifth, so they are in the playoff zone, and in the last ten matches there was only one defeat, and even then from the team that is currently leading the standings. Three basketball players of the Alabama State Hornets club show phenomenal accuracy on three-point shots at once, so if the owners cannot get through to someone else’s ring, then they compensate for this with long-range shots. On their own court, the team also shows a very attacking game, so that many basketball players gain more than twenty points per match, and in the last fight two of them made a double-double. Not only does the Alabama State Hornets basketball club already have a deep roster, but there are no injured players among the base players.

Contrary to expectations, the basketball club Grambling State Tigers are now showing good results and the team even managed to get to the first place in their Conference. The guests injured two key basketball players – an attacking defender and a heavy forward, but even without them the team shows good results. Basketball club Grambling State Tigers won five matches in a row, and in the last one they easily beat an opponent, securing an advantage of more than twenty points. With the current coach, the Grambling State Tigers are showing offensive basketball, regularly hitting over a hundred points per game. The basketball club Grambling State Tigers is not afraid of away matches, because on the road it performs no worse than at home. Then the team will have to play on an even more complicated calendar, so the head coach needs to think about rotation, because many basketball players have to go to the court in every match.

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TODAY MATCH Alabama State Hornets – Grambling State Tigers. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Fans of the Alabama State Hornets basketball club are already accustomed to constant victories, because if the team does not win the regular season, then it necessarily performs well in the playoffs. At the moment, the hosts are second in the championship, not far behind the leader, so the team still has time to get to the first line. Moreover, the Alabama State Hornets basketball club is still invincible at home, having won absolutely all home matches this season. The hosts manage to show good results thanks to their powerful offensive play, because on average the team is gaining more than 115 points per match. And the head coach does not rely only on the top five, but often releases other basketball players to the court, giving the team leaders time to relax. The Alabama State Hornets’ winning streak is now seven games, and it could increase as the hosts have no headcount.

Recently, the basketball club Grambling State Tigers has been experiencing open problems with the defense, which is associated with injuries at once two point guard and an attacking defender. Because of this, the results of the guests fell significantly, because in the last five rounds they managed to win only one victory, and four meetings were lost. The team has not yet left the playoff zone, but it has dropped from fourth place to seventh, so the head coach needs to take some measures, because otherwise the basketball club may be eliminated from the top eight. In each match, the guests miss more than a hundred points, and the results are much worse on the road. In the last bout, the Grambling State Tigers started well and won the first two quarters, but after the break, the team collapsed, losing twelve points. Some away players are in poor shape, which makes it difficult for them to play the entire match.


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