Alabama State Hornets (Women) vs Samford Bulldogs (Women) Prediction (December 8th, 2022), Betting odds

On December 08, 2022 at 02:30 Moscow time, a WNCAA championship match will take place, in which the local club Alabama State Hornets (Women) will host the national championship rival Samford Bulldogs (Women) on their site.

Despite the fact that the Alabama State Hornets (Women) vs Samford Bulldogs (Women) basketball game is only scheduled for December 08, 2022, bookmakers have already started accepting bets. A pre-match bet can be made until 02:30 Moscow time. In recent years, the teams have not played with each other, since their last personal meeting was eight years ago. According to the statistics of this confrontation, the hosts of the current match have more victories in it.

Alabama State Hornets (Women) — Samford Bulldogs (Women). WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

The principled basketball game Alabama State Hornets (Women) – Samford Bulldogs (Women) is scheduled for December 08, 2022, so the opponents still have enough time to prepare. The live broadcast of this match will be carried out by various sports channels at 02:30 Moscow time. Last season, the teams played three head-to-head matches, and the hosts of this match were stronger all three times. But, this year the guests managed to win an unexpected victory.

Alabama State Hornets (Women)

The basketball club Alabama State Hornets (Women) approached this fight in a good position, because the hosts, after three defeats in a row, were able to please the fans with two victories. Over the past two months, the team did not have too difficult matches in which they would have to fight until the last second. In addition, the head coach is constantly trying to rotate players so that most basketball players look fresh during the game and show their peak form. At home, the Alabama State Hornets (Women) basketball club plays confidently, because in fifteen home matches there were only four defeats, and none of them were with a double handicap, since the backlog was often 3-5 points. In most matches, the Alabama State Hornets (Women) adapt to the opponent, and only with outsiders do the hosts set their own pace. As part of the team, only the attacking defender was injured, but there is someone to replace him.

There are no quality defenders in the basketball club Samford Bulldogs (Women), but there are enough talented players, so in almost every match the team scores more than a hundred points. But, since the guests defend their ring poorly, they miss no less, if not much more. Due to such an open and too attacking game, the basketball club Samford Bulldogs (Women) cannot achieve good results and is among the outsiders in the championship, retaining only theoretical chances for the playoffs. The team did not play the last matches in the best way, having won only three wins in the last ten meetings, and all of them were at home, so Samford Bulldogs (Women) has not won away for a long time. The head coach will not change his tactics, which means that in this match the guests will only attack again, because that’s all they know how to do. One of the defenders will not be able to play due to disqualification.

“Alabama State Hornets (gen)” — “Samford Bulldogs (gen)”: prognostic autora

Bookmakers have already started accepting bets on the Alabama State Hornets (Women) vs Samford Bulldogs (Women) basketball game, despite the fact that it should only take place on December 08, 2022. Fans of this sport can follow the game at 02:30 Moscow time. The history of this confrontation began in the last century, and for all the time the teams played 243 matches between themselves. In them, the basketball club Alabama State Hornets (Women) scored 187 victories, and one of them was just this season.

Now the basketball club Alabama State Hornets (Women) is demonstrating far from the best results, because if we analyze the last match, the hosts only sometimes showed the game that they wanted to see from them. Yes, the team won, but it was mainly due to the fact that in overtime the players caught the courage, so that in just a few minutes they scored seventeen points. Considering that the Alabama State Hornets (Women) basketball club played with a weaker team, the head coach needs to take some measures to ensure that the game of his players has gained stability. One of the key defenders will not play in this fight, who not only acts reliably on defense, but also throws three-pointers better than the rest on the team, which often allowed the Alabama State Hornets (Women) basketball club to take the lead. The team has not played on its site for two weeks, so a full house will gather to support the players.

After the basketball club Samford Bulldogs (Women) lost eight games in a row, the management’s patience snapped, and it nevertheless decided to remove it from the post of head coach. He was replaced by a new mentor who had not previously worked at such a high level, mainly coaching teams that took part in less significant tournaments. But, although the basketball club Samford Bulldogs (Women) lost the first two matches under the guidance of a new coach, it was still clear that the players were really trying, and did not show such a spineless game as before. In the tournament plan, even inviting a new specialist will not improve the situation, since the team is at the bottom of the table, and now it is important for them at least not to fall to the last place. If in the defense the basketball club Bad Gleichenberg (Women) continues to show a lack of understanding between the players, then at least in the attack the team began to act more harmoniously, so the number of points scored increased. In addition to the light forward’s leg injury, the guests have no more losses.

On December 08, 2022, you can bet on the basketball confrontation between Alabama State Hornets (Women) and Samford Bulldogs (Women), in which one of the main contenders for victory in this tournament will meet. A pre-match bet on this match will be available until 02:30 Moscow time, until the siren sounds and the game starts. According to the statistics of previous meetings, it is not so easy to determine the obvious favorite, since in the last ten matches there were five victories for each team.

Despite the fact that the Alabama State Hornets (Women) did not start the season in the best way, so it was even in the middle of the standings for some time, the team gradually began to improve. Now the hosts are already in fifth, so they are in the playoff zone, and in the last ten matches there was only one defeat, and even then from the team that currently leads the standings. Three basketball players from the Alabama State Hornets (women) club at once show phenomenal accuracy on three-point shots, so if the hosts cannot get through to someone else’s ring, they compensate for this with long-range shots. On their court, the team also shows a very attacking game, so many basketball players score more than twenty points per match, and in the last match, two made a “double-double” at once. Not only does the basketball club Alabama State Hornets (Women) have such a deep squad, there are no injuries among the main players.

Last week, the Samford Bulldogs (Women) still managed to overcome a losing streak and win a much-needed win that propelled the team to ninth place and well into the playoff zone. Until the last match, the guests had a series of four defeats, and the basketball players of the Samford Bulldogs (Women) club also started the last game not in the best way, because in the first quarter they allowed the opponent to score almost forty points. In the second quarter, the guests also played poorly, but after a long break, a completely different team entered the court, which managed to close the gap and still win with a margin of six points. If the basketball club Samford Bulldogs (Women) continues to play the way it did in the second half of the last match, then the guests will definitely be able to break into the number of the strongest and the season will not end at the end of the regular season. At the moment, the team has no personnel losses, as those players who rarely appeared this season have minor injuries.

TODAY MATCH Alabama State Hornets (Women) – Samford Bulldogs (Women). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

For a long time, the Alabama State Hornets (Women) basketball club was in the lead in its Conference, but it was worth losing two matches in a row, as the hosts lost the first line, so now they are already in second place. But, since it is unlikely to win the regular season, the team is not particularly striving to regain first place, because for the basketball club Alabama State Hornets (Women) it is much more important to finish in the playoff zone, and it is better to do it in the top four, because they will be much higher chances of winning the first round. This season, the team is led by a new coach who has made the game more reliable in defense, and this is especially true for home matches, where basketball players do everything possible to prevent the opponent from making a shot on the ring. With the road streak just over, fans of the Alabama State Hornets (Women) still hope their team can finally win. Moreover, a point guard came out of the infirmary, who controls the entire game of the team.

Recently, the basketball club Samford Bulldogs (Women) has been experiencing frank problems with the defense, which is associated with injuries to two point guards and an attacking guard at once. Because of this, the results of the guests dropped significantly, because in the last five rounds they managed to win only one victory, and four meetings were lost. While the team has not yet left the playoff zone, but has already dropped from fourth place to seventh, so the head coach needs to take some measures, because otherwise the basketball club may drop out of the top eight. In each match, guests concede more than a hundred points, and on the road the results are much worse. In the last match, the Samford Bulldogs (Women) got off to a good start and won the first two quarters, but after the break, the team fell apart, losing by twelve points. Some of the away players are in poor shape, which makes it difficult for them to play the entire match.

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