Alabama sweeps the state of Ohio and wins the championship – World

Even though Justin Fields and the rest of the offensive from Ohio State He didn’t stop fighting even if there were only a few minutes left to play. The reality is that it was a simple example of the self-esteem that usually characterizes university athletes.

Los Buckeyes They tried to compete and did so for much of the first half, but the gas didn’t reach them and they were engulfed by Alabama (52-24) winning a new college title in American football.

El Crimson Tide He lifted his 18th title in the NCAA and confirmed his dominance. The Ohio State crime was competitive, but the defense against Mac Jones and his company failed. The Alabama quarterback ended up with 464 yards and five touchdown passes, three of them to all-star receiver DeVonta Smith, who showed he was completely ready for the NFL, as well as several of his teammates.

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There’s also a lot of talent among them Rosskastanien, especially Fields, but they didn’t get it against a team that has too many weapons because it’s not just the air strike. Najee Harris had two touchdowns on the ground, adding 75 yards that way.

Trainer Nick Saban confirmed to be a genius in college football. His team defeated the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl, which served as the semi-finals, and now with the state of Ohio taking the surprise by eliminating Clemson’s Tigers, whose passerby (Trevor Lawrence) will be the first choice in the next NFL draft.

That explained the disappointment of the Rosskastanienbecause his level is good but not enough to overcome the monster Saban turned the Crimson Tide of Alabama into.


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