Alabama vs Ohio, for the title

The final of college football was defined and will take place between the Alabama Purple Tide and the Ohio State Deer Eyes, which surprised locals and strangers in their duel before Clemson, whom he deleted from the grid.

Both teams are among the strongest in the NCAA, especially Alabama, which has at least four titles in the last decade, the double championship of 2011 and 12, then repeats in 2015 and their last trophy was taken in 2017, while that Ohio State won its last crown in 2014, but in these years it was always close to confirming its power.}

This year the two squads had different seasons; On the one hand, the Purple Tide remained undefeated in the 11 matches played, in such a way that it never left the ranking, it even remained among the four best in the nation.

For its part, Ohio State started the campaign later, as its conference officials decided not to start the tournament due to the pandemic. Even so, they concluded with a perfect 6-0 record and despite the criticism against them, the duels in which they came out with victory were almost all against quality rivals, confirming their quality in the semifinal by passing over the Clemson Tigers .

The game for the title could not be better, they are two excellent teams, with players that this year will appear in the NFL Draft in great numbers and where they could shine immediately. However, this week his only objective is to win the championship and to achieve it you have to prepare 100% for his match, since either team has the quality to lift the scepter.

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Alabama has a very explosive offense, its average points per game exceeds 40 units, in such a way that the Ohio State defense must play almost perfect. While the Purple Tide has already realized what the Deer Eyes are capable of, they tore apart one of the best defenses in the NCAA, Clemson’s and have enviable air and ground power, as well as a great offensive line. level.

The definition for the title will be on Monday, January 11 from 7:00 p.m., where the whole of the decade, Alabama, will be measuring forces against a squad that earned the right to go for the title, Ohio State.

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