Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith won the Heisman Cup

Smith said last week that the play did not stand out the most.

“My favorite moment was the games that were a tough match, we had a tough fight, and this team kept working together and we kept believing in each other – offense believes in defense and defense believes in attack,” he said. “We continued fighting as a team. So there isn’t a moment specifically of my own, just moments of this team being one. ”

On December 19, two days before the vote deadline for Heisman, he scored 15 catches, a record at the Southeastern Conference, and slumped 184 yards in his win over Florida, adding to his Alabama records.

On Friday, Rose Powell, the college football semifinals of the season, against Notre Dame, Smith had seven passes at 130 yards and three touchdowns.

As many as 927 voters, including live award winners and 870 members of the media, were eligible to cast Heisman votes this season. (The New York Times did not participate in the poll.) Smith received 447 votes in first place, just over twice as many as Lawrence, who finished second in the race. Jones finished third, followed by Trask.


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