Alabama’s Mac Jones would play for the Patriots

Foxborough, Massachusetts.- The problem of not finding one quarterback emergency, has whipped the New England Patriots, who will not count towards this season 2021-22 with Cameron Newton, who only played for one tournament after failing to qualify for the playoffs.

So the franchise run by Bill Belichick has started looking everywhere to find a new pitcher in his category, one of them would be Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texaos, but they will have to make various combinations to convince the NRG Stadium team, so the occasion would be unlikely to happen.

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So, the two-time champion squad of the 2003-2004 editions will look for a new face in the next Draft, held from April 29 to May 1, and one of the future quarterbacks would have the go-ahead from the former offensive coordinator of the Pats Charlie Weis, to get to New England, he is Mac Jones.

The one from Alabama Crimson Tide is not among the most sought after of the 2021 Draft, but for the former Head Coach of NCAA teams and offensive coordinator of the Patriots, Jones is the right one to command the next contest.

Mac Jones ended his career with Alabama being the NCAA champion

Mac Jones ended his career with Alabama being the NCAA champion

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“He was surrounded by stars, but who was the leader of those stars? He was in charge of making all those passes. Mac Jones is an excellent quarterback. He has fewer holes than anyone, “he explained to the ESPN sports network.

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Another advantage for the 22-year-old is that he was under the command of Head Coach Nick Saban, an old acquaintance of Bill Belichick, who would provide the qualities of his former emblem player that led them to the college football championship this year.

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“If you’re looking for a guy who runs more than 30 yards on a regular basis, that may not be your type. Jones can move in his pocket, from the back bag and run the ball, but only when the time is right to do so, ”Saban said.

Mac Jones is congratulated on his dueling Alabama player

Mac Jones is congratulated on his dueling Alabama player

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Mac Jones has the 15th pick and the Patriots could certainly draft him. The Florida player is on the heels of names like Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields and Kyle Trask, and while multiple teams are fighting for a quarterback, New England could take advantage of free agency the following March.


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