Alaska Airlines made the decision to remove privileges from emotional support animals on all its flights »Intriper.

The Alaska Airlines company will not allow the entry of emotional support animals with preferential treatment on any of its flights, as of January 11 of this year. This was reported in a press release published by the company. This means that their existing travel privileges will be taken away and they will travel as pets, rather than service animals.

Through a press release published on December 29, Alaska Airlines announced that it will not allow emotional support animals to travel on its flights with preferential treatment. The decision was made “following recent changes in the United States Department of Transportation rules“. In early December, the Department of Transportation, also known as DOT, by its initials in English, declared that airlines were allowed to treat emotional support animals as pets and not as service animals.

The distinction allows these companies to take away from these animals that help people the privileges that service animals have during flights. Service animals can board the flights without having to pay any cost, regardless of their weight, size, or restrictions that the pets of the passengers traveling in the cabin must comply with. In this sense, Alaska Airlines is the first airline in the United States to announce that, taking into account this modification, they will no longer have privileged treatment for emotional support animals but will be treated the same as regular pets.

Alaska Airlines made the decision to remove emotional support animal privileges on all its flights

This rule change is welcome news, as it will help us reduce disturbances on board, while continuing to provide a place for our customers with service animals.“, declared Ray Prentice, director of consumer advocacy for Alaska Airlines. The disturbances refer to the fact that sometimes emotional support animals they do not know how to behave, causing damage to both people and the ship.

Alaska Airlines made the decision to remove emotional support animal privileges on all its flights

Although the measure will take effect on January 11, Alaska Airlines will accept animals under the category of “emotional support animals”In reservations that are made until that day and that are for flights that are made on February 28, 2021 inclusive.

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