Alaska Airlines will no longer allow emotional support animals on its flights

Cas. Areas | A change in measurement that will help reduce disturbances on board

As of January 11, 2021, Alaska Airlines You will only transport service dogs, which are specially trained to perform tasks for the benefit of a qualified person with a disability.

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Alaska Airlines |

Earlier this month, the DOT said it will no longer require airlines to make the same adaptations for emotional support animals that are required for trained service dogs. The DOT rule changes came after comments from the airline industry and the disabled community regarding numerous cases of emotional support animal misconduct causing injury, health hazards and damage to cabins. of airplanes.

“This regulatory change is good news as it will help us reduce disturbances on board, while continuing to accommodate our guests traveling with qualified service animals,” said Ray Prentice , Director of Customer Advocacy for Alaska Airlines.

Under the revised policy, Alaska Airlines will accept a maximum of two service dogs per guest in the cabin, to include psychiatric service dogs. Guests will need to complete a DOT form, which will be available at Effective January 11, when your animal is proven to be a legitimate service dog, is trained and vaccinated, and will behave appropriately during travel. For reservations made more than 48 hours in advance of travel, guests must submit the completed form by email. For reservations made less than 48 hours prior to travel, guests must submit the form in person to the customer service agent upon arrival at the airport.

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The airline will continue to accept emotional support animals under its current policy for reservations made before January 11, 2021, for flights before February 28, 2021. Emotional support animals will not be accepted for travel after February 28, 2021.

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