Alaska Airlines will pay millionaire amount for the death of a woman

Derived from an unfortunate death in 2017, Alaska Airlines you will have to pay more than $ 3 million to the family of the deceased person. Although the accident occurred four years ago, the jury of the Superior Court of King County in Seattle has considered that the airline was responsible for 90% of the serious consequences and therefore has imposed the payment on the family.

The accident occurred in 2017 at Portland International Airport (PDX). Bernice Kekona, a 75-year-old wheelchair user, and her family requested “door-to-door” assistance from Alaska Airlines. This service would be required on his flight from Hawaii to Spokane in Washington as he had a stopover in Portland. The woman could not move around the terminal in any other way as she did not have a leg.

Based on what is collected by the portal Simple Flying, Bernice and her family confirmed the service request up to five times. However, the airline and the service contractor had a communication failure and left her alone in the middle of her transfer. With no one to accompany her, Kekona had to manage to get to the door of her final flight.

On the way, Bernice fell 21 steps on one of the airport stairs. Consequently, Kekona suffered injuries to his head, chest, and a heel injury. The latter settled on a painful septic infection, that is, the wound infection had reached the joint. As a result of this, the woman had to undergo surgery several times. Unfortunately, three months after the accident and as a result of it, Bernice passed away.

Following this, the Kekona family sued Alaska Airlines. However, the airline tried to downplay the case by blaming Bernice for the accident. With this, he sought to close the case and avoid any payment to the affected family. It was until this February 22, almost four years later, that the Jury found the airline guilty of the fatal injuries of the woman. Now, Alaska Airlines must pay a sum of $ 3.19 billion to the Kekona family.

The attorney who handled the Kekona case stated:

Bernice Kekona was the victim of a tragic Alaskan failure to provide basic services between her flights. Alaska failed Bernice miserably, and the company has continued to use the legal system as a weapon to blame Bernice, evade responsibility, and undermine her grieving family in the most hurtful ways. “

While Bernice Kekona’s absence cannot be replaced with money, now the family can rest assured that Bernice’s death did not go unpunished. Alaska Airlines could not evade the case and ignore its responsibility.

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