Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love. Known as one of the most stable and recognized couples in Spain Alaska and Mario refuse to be a traditional couple.

They recently just celebrated their wedding anniversary. In the midst of a complicated year by the covid pandemic that affects the world, they are loaded with projects that seek to achieve and remain a different couple.

They have had two weddings as a couple but the one they like to celebrate the most is the first. 29th November 1999 they got married far from the traditional In Las Vegas. Alaska dressed as Dolly Parton and Mario dressed as Elvis Presley. They joined their lives after he worked for her and they fell hopelessly in love.

Their second wedding was more traditional and close to normal, in 2011 they had their second “if I want” in Madrid. In a civil wedding that was full of cameras and that they really carried out to get everything ready and well arranged according to the law. Now they celebrate 21 years of love, romance and union, always being a very different couple.

For both, the date that most excites them is the first union.

A different marriage

Mario always pleases his wife and tries to fill her with details and romance. He assures that after having participated in MasterChef Celebrity he always prepares lentils to celebrate his anniversary. In this year it seems that things have been different.

They have celebrated without lentils and with a pandemic, it has been a very complex year, both say. For this anniversary they have decided to do things differently, as the year has been so unusual they decided that in the morning before leaving the gifts would be delivered.

Mario has bought Alaska a beautiful ring from the Panthére de Cartier Collection that is valued between 20,000 and 30,000 euros.

For her part, Alaska has given her husband two shirts, a perfect leather one, and two wonderful trips to London next spring to be able to go to the concerts of two of her favorite groups, the Blondie and The Pet Shop Boys.

Then they walked along the Rastro and from there they went to sleep at their house in Boadilla del Monte to pick olives.

They are considered one of the most solid, stable, peculiar and popular marriages on Spanish television. They also enjoy their life as they lead it and they do not plan to become an ordinary marriage.

With an 11-year gap between them, the age difference has never been a problem. When they married, Alaska was 36 and Mario was 25, and even so, more than two decades later they still love each other like the first day.

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love
Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love

Working the relationship is the secret

Mario assures that the only secret to stay together after so long and continue loving each other like the first day is to constantly work on the relationship. It is imperative that you respect each other even if it takes a lot of effort.

Despite looking different from the rest of the couples, they are still the same in their own way, they like to share as a family and get together although by mutual decision and above all by the hand of Alaska both they decided not to have children.

Alaska says that having children, taking care of them, educating them and having that responsibility is not their thing. They like to spoil the children of others, especially those of friends, but by mutual agreement they preferred not to have children.

Although they appear to be very solid they have still gone through their ups and downs as a marriage. They have experienced several crises, in one of them Alaska went through a vital depression and Mario wonders if he really lived up to what she needed.

They also experienced very difficult moments when one of Mario’s best friends died. Alaska says that Mario’s worst moment was when his brother died. If he wasn’t okay he couldn’t be okay with her. They argued a lot but at the end of the day everything worked out.

Anger lasts 5 minutes for Mario and it is one of the strengths for me it lasts 5 days. Even so, they both get the formula for everything to pass and move on.

They continue to have fun as teenagers who start a courtship, each in their own way Mario is usually more fun, authentic and very spontaneous, while Alaska is much more shy, restrained and very sweet. a peculiar couple but very loved on Spanish TV.

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love

Opposites attract

They have many things in common but very different personalities. Alaska assures that Mario is equal to his extrovert mother. It is difficult for her to open up and tell her things, although she has learned with Mario to be more expressive.

Although they look very different, they are usually quite traditional, for example they are fully declared monogamous and it is never in them to open the relationship in any way. They like to expose themselves, count and talk on tv but not too much.

For both of them, the issue of the pandemic has been difficult to deal with, they want everything to return to normal and that everyone can work and be well. At the moment you have to bet on caution and take care of yourself. They assured that they would put Christmas, nativity scenes and that they would try to visit their relatives as long as the law allowed it to at least live the illusion of these holidays a little.

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo a different love

They both agree that the pandemic cannot steal the illusion of life from us, it has already stolen a lot from us to let it take away much more. He assures that you have to celebrate as you can if six people are allowed then with six but do not stop enjoying the company.

They say that the beautiful things in life should continue to be celebrated as your wedding anniversary. They are undoubtedly one of the couples dearest and good people of Spain that continue to celebrate many more years of union and happiness.

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