Alaska, Christmas with the family – Carlos Pérez Gimeno

One more year Alaska and Mario They have gathered the whole family to spend these dates together, without forgetting the precautionary measures for the happy Coronavirus. “We meet at home like every year, with my mother, Mario’s parents and his sister Marta. We had a lot of dinner, for the two days they brought tripe, seafood salpicón, lamb, seafood soup, red cabbage, grilled shrimp, ham, tenderloin, cheese and the corresponding sweets, which I am going to tell you, to burst. We were watching the Tele passion, that my mother wanted to see me, and it was a little late, because we started at 10:45 p.m. for dinner, and then we stayed chatting, until 4 in the morning, since Marta lives upstairs, there is room for everyone. We had a great time, like every year. ” So he told it.

On New Year’s Eve, the plans are different. “We meet again for lunch, then we will take the grapes with close friends like Topacio and someone else, but very few because it cannot be done otherwise.”

Despite how difficult the year that is ending has been, professionally, it has not gone bad, except for the concerts. “The theater, very well, many people come to see us, and we cannot complain, quite the contrary, and if the subject continues like this we will be until April. Regarding music, as there are no concerts, we will release an album when it plays, the concerts that we had closed have not been suspended, they have been postponed, but it is not known when, no plans can be made. And to 2021, I ask you to stay as I am on a personal and health level, and I on a professional level, except for the concerts as I have told you, the year 2020 has been wonderful, because I have had the theater, Neighborhood Cinema, which I will always say is the best gift ever, because I am happy, happy, happy. We have the radio, and really, on a professional level, as everyone is, it’s not that I can’t complain, it’s that I’m doing great, I’d like to go back to the concerts one day. You cannot talk about projects because they do not exist, I am another, the project woman died, I just think about what to do for the week, and the next one will be seen. That’s why I accepted Cine de Barrio, before I couldn’t have ”.

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