Alaska: “I couldn’t go to Eurovision, I don’t work well under pressure”

He attends during a break in the studio where he records his next EP. Oblivion or Alaska? «I prefer Alaska, that’s why I looked for it and put it on when I was little». Solving the first question, she begins a chat in which the singer of Fangoria responds to everything with kindness, although she avoids stepping on some puddles. “As Nacho (Canut) rightly says, ask pop singers pop nonsense, and ask politicians these things,” she replies about the feminist controversy surrounding the Trans Law. Luck that the “pop nonsense” with her gives to talk about Eurovision (“I don’t work well under pressure”), about the times of the Pegamoides (“The best thing about adolescence is that it passes”), about ‘The Crystal Ball ‘ (“You don’t have to do the things you’ve already done”), the Movida (“For us it doesn’t exist”), the fan phenomenon and even the “demonization” of reggaeton. Polyhedral like few others, ‘Cine de barrio’ presents the same thing, which goes on an indie stage. This Saturday she performs on the second day of Oh, See!, the event that today opens the festival season without restrictions. Together with Fangoria, Lori Meyers, Zahara, Alizz, Kiko Veneno, Ángel Stanich, Carolina Durante and Nil Moliner, among others, they will make Malaga jump again.

-The Oh See! It is the first festival without restrictions in Malaga. They will appreciate it, because Fangoria is not to be seen sitting down…

-Even so, last year we held festivals with people seated and the chairs one meter apart. Obviously not the same. At the end of the day, I’m doing the same thing, for me there are no restrictions, but it’s still true that if the public is excited, you get more excited. It’s a reciprocal thing that last year we didn’t have, nor did we know if people were smiling or not.

-He arrived in Malaga shortly after the ‘chanelazo’. With all that you love Eurovision, have you ever considered going?

-I couldn’t, I don’t have that character. Do you see what Chanel is like? She is so willing that she is always ready for everything, always with a good face… Nacho and I always say, as a joke but it’s true, that we are very inexpressive people. So when they said ‘twelve points’ we were going to have the same face as when they said ‘zero point’. We are zero competitive, we do not have that character.

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-Also zero ambitious?

-There is a degree of ambition that we also lack. It is not true that we do not have it: you want what you do to be the best possible, but you also do not want to do things that you do not want because they are the best possible. That depends on where each one sets the bar.

“You don’t have to do the things you’ve already done”

– Do you think you could not withstand the pressure of Eurovision?

No, I wouldn’t be a good athlete. I am the person who, when it is time to score a goal, does not score. I don’t work well under pressure, I didn’t come here to suffer.

I’m going to ask you to get wet. What did you think of the attacks on Chanel from a sector of feminism?

-But not only from feminism, also from a sector of people who liked other types of music. And if someone else had won, the same thing would have happened. But well, what you want to say in a more concrete way… I experience it a bit like when Madonna was told that she wore underwear on the outside in the 80s and that was not right. But the extreme right did not say it, but other women. I’ve lived this same thing so many times that it bores me. This nonsense at this point… I’m already old. I’ve seen it all several times, so it makes me a little drowsy.

-But it is sad that there is so much tension between the same women, that that sorority with which we often fill our mouths comes to nothing.

-It is that human beings, men, women and vice versa, are equal. One thing is what you say when you have to look good and another, day to day. I care about people who in their day to day are consistent with what they preach. But come on, it’s human nature, don’t think about it anymore.

-And what do you think about the Trans Law? Is it enough to feel like a woman to be a woman?

-That is a topic that a trans woman would have to answer. I am a mere spectator, although an interested spectator because we are talking about part of my world. But as Nacho rightly says, ask us pop singers pop nonsense, and ask politicians these things.

«For us there is no such thing as Movida, there is an incredible bag of musical groups that we had nothing to do with each other»

-Well, you have to ask about everything and let each one answer what they want. With what we have seen of you on the ‘reality’, do we know you well or do you keep something to yourself?

-I don’t keep anything. But a lot of times it’s a little embarrassing when you hear someone famous say ‘as everyone knows’. Hey no, not everyone knows. As everyone knows I’m Mexican, I was in the Pegamoides… Well, no. There are people who follow you and have a very complete vision of what you are, but those who see you on a program or read an interview do not. But it is not because I keep anything to myself, but because we are all polyhedral and you only know a part of the person. But come on, I don’t care at all.

-He named the Pegamoids. Are you nostalgic for those years?

-No, none! How awful! For me the wonderful thing about adolescence is that it passes. And that’s it. I wouldn’t change anything we did, but I already lived it.

-Do you have the feeling that the 80s have been mythologized?

-When I was little, the 60s were mythologized and years later, the 70s. And now there are people who mythologize the 90s.

-But the Movida will always have a special consideration.

-It is that for us that of the Movida does not exist. It is something that someone began to say and that defines a few years, in which there is an incredible bag of musical groups that we had nothing to do with each other. It defines a moment of change in the country and seen from that point of view it is inevitable that it will have another weight. But it is complicated. Sometimes I see compilations of the Movida and I think ‘but what do we have to do with these groups, soul of a pitcher, if we didn’t like each other!’

“I say ‘no’ to projects every day”

-With so many ‘revivals’, have you ever been offered the chance to rescue ‘La Bola de Cristal’?

-You don’t have to do the things you’ve already done.

-He lives the fan phenomenon and also suffers from it. On his Instagram there is a notice: “Don’t go home, we can’t help you, the neighbors are very upset.” How far does he go?

-The problem is not that they call you, it’s that they ring all the doorbells to see where you are. That is not like that. It is a problem of scale. When you have a fan, everything is much more bearable and that person ends up being your friend. When there are many, you cannot cover it.

Aren’t you scared that they know where you live?

-99.9999% of people do it for a purpose other than madness. But that small percentage of people who are surely not balanced, exists and is a possibility. But I do? Do I stay locked up in my house and do nothing? Well no.

-He has managed to break the stereotypes. The same thing sings at an indie festival, which presents ‘Cine neighborhood’ or makes a song for a sporting event. How is it achieved?

I don’t think it’s an achievement. You say yes to the things you like…

-But before they have to offer them, and that doesn’t always happen.

-Of course. But it would be more interesting to see all the things that they offer you and you don’t do because they don’t go with you. I try to do the things I like even if it costs me the schedule and the day off. But in which I don’t see myself, it’s very easy to say no.

And have you said ‘no’ many times lately?

-Every day, it’s like that.

-What would you never do?

-They are not concrete things, in plan I would never climb Everest. It is not something as concrete as that. It is simply that they tell you a project and you know that you do not see yourself in it.

-In three songs from their latest EPs they confess their sins: Satanism, abstract art, rock and roll, Benidorm and techno pop. Satanism?

-This idea comes from an exhibition in Barcelona on Satanism and rock and roll in the 50s. But we have taken it as a way of telling the things that are demonized. Rock and roll is demonized, Benidorm is demonized… We use it in a conceptual way: all things when they start are demonized. Like reggaeton.

-Fangoria, not with reggaeton yet, right?

-We have done something, what happens is that we have a problem: as soon as we do something, it sounds like Fangoria.

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