Alaska: The last frontier of the USA

The State of Alaska

Take your ESTA and let’s conquer Alaska!

The largest state in the United States of America in terms of area with its 1.718 million km², Alaska is surrounded by water on three sides: to the north, the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean; to the west, the Chukchi Sea and the Bering Sea; to the south, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. It is the 49th State of the USA whose discovery is attributed to Vitus Bering, a Danish sailor in the service of the Russians, who reached it in 1741. He died the following winter, on the island which today bears his name, in the Russian Aleutians . His grave was found there in 1991. The largest city is Anchorage, where nearly 40% of the population live. Its capital, Juneau is located on the continental strip of Southeast Alaska on the edge of the Gastineau Strait with a total area of ​​8,430.4 km2 dont 7036,1 km2 of dry land and 1,394.3 km2 covered with water. It is also the least populated state in the country; 731,545 inhabitants in 2019 and an estimated density of 0.43 inhabitants / km2. While it is located in the Northwest of Canada, some rightly believe that it belongs to Canada but in reality it is indeed a territory of the USA although located in Canada.

The Governor of Alaska is the chief executive of local government and the commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces. The post has been held by Republican Mike Dunleavy since December 3, 2018.

Known for the diversity of its landscape, vast spaces of rocky mountains and forests that absorb small towns lost in space, Alaska is an ideal place for the practice of sports such as skiing, biking and kayaking. . With its humid and cool South Coast climate, Alaska has moderate temperature variations in summer that can vary between 5TheC and 15TheC. This temperature can drop to less than 0TheC in winter.

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Geographically, Alaska does not have a common land border with another state in the United States of America. It shares its characteristics with Hawaii. It is bordered on the east by the Yukon Territory and the Province of British Columbia and two regions of Canada. The Bering Strait naturally separates Alaska from Russia.

The constraints of Alaska

Alaska faces the same constraints and problems as the regions of Canada’s far north. These include the tundra and the icy cold and glacier that reign supreme there. These constraints are not favorable to the installation and the life of the men which explains the low rate of density of the population. The relief is oriented North / South.

How to live in Alaska

Alaska is a place where human life is difficult and complicated. It is not only the constraints linked to the freezing cold but also and above all a few hours of light where most of the jobs are outside the cities and are found in the provinces, particularly in the countryside or in the mines. Travel is as complicated as life in Alaska and can only be done by plane for reasons of time and the inability to move by other means of locomotion

Discovering Alaska

Although complicated and difficult to live with due to its climate, Alaska is a place of tourism and entertainment. Child friendly, Denali National Reserve Park is an American nature park located in central Alaska that includes Denali, it is the highest peak in North America. The park covers 24,585 km2, or the size of four French departments.

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After Denali National Reserve, there is Kenai Fjord National Park located in Southeast Alaska. There are some 40 glaciers, 23 species of marine mammals and 20 species of sea birds. The park offers a sumptuous landscape of bays, fjords and rocky islets where you can observe penguins, hollows, cormorants, seals, steller sea lions, gray and humpback whales, orcas, porpoises of Dall and sea otters. It is accessible by land through the glacier Exit

Speaking of parks, we are not going to overshadow Glacier de Bay National Park which is a national park classified as a World Heritage Site since 1979 as well as a biosphere reserve by Unesco since 1986. About 20% of its area and constituted by a marine reserve. Its landscapes of fjord and ice fields are home to endangered species, including the humpback whale and the Steller sea lion. It receives around 400,000 visitors per year.

Without being able to name all the wonders of Alaska, we will list a few that attract the curiosity of tourists and everyone. These are the Alaska Sea Life Center, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation which is a sanctuary for animals to be protected, the Katmai National Park Reserve ui is located in the Southwest precisely in the Alaska Peninsula. It is remarkable for its valley of ten thousand smoke formed following the eruption of Novarupta in 1912 as well as for its brown bears, the number of which is estimated to be more than two thousand.

The Tongass National Forest is located in eastern Alaska and federally protected. It covers 69,000 km2, making it the largest national forest in the United States. It also includes national monuments of Misty Fiord and Admiralty.

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Mount Saint-Elie and a summit in North America culminating at 5488 meters above sea level. It is named in honor of the prophet Elijah.

Mendenhall Glacier is a glacier approximately 12 miles long, descending through the Mendenhall Valley, approximately 12 miles from Juneau, Alaska. It originates in the Juneau Icefield and descends to Mendenhall Lake then to the river which also bears the same name. The glacier and its surroundings are protected within the Mendenhall Recreation Area and Tongass National Forest.

With its ecosystem, its mountains and valleys, its rivers, its wild nature, its waterfalls, its plains, its big cities, its peaks, its mythical fauna, its mountains, its oceans, its rocks, its thousands of national parks, the beautiful views left by the volcanoes, its Arctic Circle, its warming summer, the immensity of its territory, its waterfalls, its icebergs, its islands, its lakes, its hot summer climate, unmissable tourist sites breathtaking, so many reasons to organize a trip to Alaska, a tailor-made trip to Alaska excursion, itineraries, spectacular and must-see cruises or to make a getaway or at least make a stopover during a trip to the North of Canada before continuation. A trip to Canada shouldn’t be nonstop in one of Alaska’s big cities

Organizing excursions, a cruise in Alaska or a trip would be nothing but happiness. It is one of the tourist destinations beyond safari. Thinking of traveling there?

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