“Alaskan Bush People” Bear Brown’s legal update

Alaskan Bushmen returns to Discovery Channel this weekend. A lot of what the first trailer showed are things that happened in the last year. A Discovery publication suggested this will show what has happened to the family since father Billy Brown passed away.

One of the biggest things in the trailer that everyone already knew was the wedding between Bear Brown and Raiven Adams. A wedding shot was included in the trailer for fans to see their big day. However, will they see what happened a month later when Bear Brown was arrested for domestic violence?

Bear Brown’s legal troubles

Bear Brown was hit hard by the death of his father in 2021, but he has done something to make his life better in the long run. After a long relationship with Raiven Adams, he finally asked her to marry him. This was after they already had a child, River and Raiven then miscarried their second baby.

However, Raiven agreed and the two eventually wed in January 2022. Fans took to social media for a lot about the nuptials as the family (minus Matt Brown) attended the beautiful ceremony. Like the new trailer for Alaskan Bushmen showed, the wedding will feature prominently in this season of the show. However, just a month after the wedding, things looked like they were about to fall apart.

In February 2022, police arrested Bear Brown on charges of domestic violence. Raiven said in police reports at the time that Bear physically assaulted her, but Bear denied everything, saying it was an accident while trying to get her phone. Whatever happened, Bear spent a weekend in jail and had a no-contact order issued against him to see Raiven and River.

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After Bear was released from prison, Raiven asked for the ban to be lifted, and a judge agreed. Bear returned home. Based on her due date, Raiven Brown became pregnant with her rainbow baby within the next few weeks.

Bear Brown auf Alaskan Bush People

Bear Brown auf Alaskan Bush People

What’s Legally Going On With Bear Brown? Alaskan Bushmen Season?

The fact of the matter is, with all these issues, Bear Brown still has to deal with arrest in court. Sea of ​​TMZ Back in May, Bear Brown could drop all assault charges if he followed certain rules. Bear had to pay $270 in court fees. He was also required to remove all firearms from his premises. Finally, he was not allowed to break any other laws or do violence to or harass another person.

Bear needs to stay on track through November when his next hearing is due. If he does so, the courts will clear Bear Brown of all charges.

Are you ready to see Bear Brown and them? Alaskan Bushmen Family back for a new season? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments below.

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