Alaskan Bush People – DMAX – 22. Juni 2022, 12:15

Alaskan Bush People – DMAX – June 22, 2022, 12:15 – Teleboy

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Alaskan Bush People

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Wednesday 22 June • 12:15 p.m




The calm before the storm


United States of America

Trip to the valley: Bam and Gabe got hold of two huge water tanks from a local dealer. Now the almost 500 kilo heavy chunks have to go up the mountain. A good opportunity for Gabe to improve his 4×4 driving skills. At the ranch, the girls are busy reinforcing the sturdy wooden fence for the longhorn cattle, and handyman Noah crafts a comfortable home for his family. Above all, the heated shower should ensure luxury in the wilderness. But suddenly all work comes to a standstill. A violent storm is brewing!



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