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British doctors have warned of an increase in the UK in cases of infection caused by a bacteria “comecarne” sexually transmitted.

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Last week the English medium Birmingham Live reported that a strange ‘meat-eating’ bacteria that it is transmitted sexually it has recently spread throughout the region.

To Dr. Shree Datta from the clinic MyHealthCare London, this bacterial disease is known as donovanosis and despite the fact that “before it was thought that it was restricted to warm places, it is becoming more and more frequent in the United Kingdom.

What is donovanosis?

Also known as granuloma inguinal this sexually transmitted disease is caused by the bacteria klebsiella granulomatis, which infects the skin around the genitals, groin, or anal area, causing lesions and bloody sores and ulcers.

While the bacteria that trigger donovanosis no like meat, It has been named so because of the bloody appearance it leaves on the skin.

Although its presence is more frequent in tropical and subtropical climates such as India, South Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, sporadic outbreaks have also occurred in Australia.

Symptoms and treatments of donovanosis

Initially the symptoms of this disease are similar to an insect biteHowever, those infected may require skin removal surgery, or even suffer an amputation.

Left unchecked, these sores and wounds can promote the spread of HIV.

“In addition to the horrible symptoms, it is important for people to be aware that it is a known risk factor for HIV transmission.”

… Says Dr. Datta.

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To stop the growth of these bacteria, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics and thus promote the healing of the sores in a few days.

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