Alex Caruso still announced in the sights of the Warriors…

It’s no secret that the Golden State Warriors are on the lookout for a great opportunity in the market. By sacrificing James Wiseman, the Californians can recover a player capable of making the difference in the Playoffs. And for several weeks, a name has been coming up with insistence: Alex Caruso.

Because as the trade deadline approaches, the Chicago Bulls are one of the teams to watch. For the moment, the leaders of the Illinois franchise clearly have no intention of proceeding with an implosion despite mixed results.

But we know that everything can evolve very quickly in the NBA. Thus, according to information by NBC Sports reporter KC Johnson, the Warriors are very attentive on this file. Unsurprisingly, Caruso is attracting a lot of interest, especially from the New York Knicks.

Despite an already well-supplied outdoor sector, the Dubs would strengthen significantly with the former Los Angeles Lakers player. With his qualities, he can clearly become one of the coach’s key men Steve Kerr off the bench.

However, to go on the offensive, Golden State will have to sacrifice Wiseman. And it is not yet known if the Warriors are ready to turn the page with the young interior. In any case, on paper, Alex Caruso represents an almost perfect target.

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