Alex Scott, the presenter and ex-soccer player who has dared with the rainbow in Qatar

Alex Scott has been the only person at the World Cup in Qatar who has dared to wear the ONE LOVE bracelet in favor of the human rights of LGBT people.

She was the journalist who covered the match of her team, England, against Iran, and her image went viral on social networks around the world. Players from various teams were going to wear the same bracelet, but FIFA and Qatar threatened them with the possibility of getting a yellow card for each one.

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All the teams backed down and the project of the State of Qatar to erase all rainbow flags from every façade, every street, every object, it seemed that it was going to be fulfilled. Alex Scott has been the only dissonant note and we are deeply grateful to him. Keep in mind that any “homosexual propaganda” means jail time in Qatar and that Alex has truly taken that risk.

The former professional footballer – he played for Birmingham City, the Boston Breakers and as a right-back for Arsenal – confirmed a few months ago that he was in a romantic relationship with his former Arsenal teammate, Kelly Smith. “I fell madly in love with her,” said the presenter who has embarrassed FIFA.

It was in the context of the presentation of his biography, How (not) to be strong (How -not- to be strong), where he stated that he came to consider not telling his sentimental life but realized that it would be like cheating the reader. “I was going over and over whether or not to write this chapter of my life, but then I had the insight that I had come here to tell everything. I thought that I would fool everyone if I kept a story like that to myself, because it was my first love story And I fell deeply in love.”

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We thank you for your bravery, in every way.

Bottom photo: Alex Scott and Kelly Smith at Arsenal.

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