Alfonso Martínez celebrates the first delivery of Michoacan mangoes in Florida supermarkets

Agro-food exhibition in Orlando, Florida, begins to bear fruit for the benefit of producers

Orlando, Florida, USA; June 29, 2022.- Derived from the rapprochements that the municipal president, Alfonso Martínez Alcázar, has fostered between the business sector of Morelia and large companies in Orlando, this Tuesday the first delivery of “Fruitbrezee” mangoes from Michoacán with “Bravo Markets” took place, which will allow that the fruit reaches the shelves of 10 supermarkets in Florida.

It was Emmanuel Salazar, CEO of the company from Morelia “Fruitbreeze”, who held a meeting with personnel from the company “Bravo Market”, who already carry out the agreements for this commercial exchange, which will significantly benefit producers of this fruit.

“I am here in Florida trying to open up business opportunities with the large North American supermarkets; I particularly thank the municipal presidency of Morelia for this opportunity”, stated the CEO of “Frutibreeze”, within the framework of the “Mexican Agrifood Expo in Florida”.

Businessman Emmanuel Salazar and staff from “Bravo Market” will fine-tune the details regarding prices and other factors, which will allow mango exports to begin, whose achievement was promoted by the municipal president, Alfonso Martínez, in order to position the agri-food potential and open new markets for local products and services.

Fruitbreeze is a Michoacán company dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh mango; while Bravo Market is consolidated as a supermarket chain, with stores in the Northeast and Southeast of the United States.

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