All Aveda products are vegan, replacing beeswax and other ingredients with plant-derived ingredients |

AVEDA, which handles hair care products that are environmentally friendly and contain natural ingredients, has made all the products it sells vegan. Most of the products did not use animal-derived ingredients, but some lip care products used honey or beeswax. Replace them with a blend of plant-derived butter and wax.

In addition, model Arizona Muse will play a role in communicating the brand’s sustainability efforts. Barbara Delere-Global Brand President of the brand said, “Muse is an avid climate change activist and a representative of environmental responsibility. She has helped us a lot for our changes and of our children. I’ve been using “Aveda” since then. “

Since its founding in 1978, “Aveda” has been advocating “Cruelty Free” and has maintained its mission of not conducting animal experiments or killing in the process of product and product development. A solar panel will be installed on the roof of the head office in Minnesota, USA on a trial basis from 2012, and a ground-based type that will realize 900 kilowatts of power generation in an area of ​​about 14,500 square meters on the premises of the head office in 2020. A panel was also introduced. In addition, we have begun efforts to offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with shipping when shopping online from within the United States.

Delere-Global Brand President has set a goal for 21 years to further strengthen the official Aveda website, which is increasing engagement with AR (Augmented Reality) and AI technology.


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