All the action from Week 16 of the NFL, at the moment

Follow the most relevant of the entire Sunday day of the National Football League.

The Sunday activity of Week 16 started with everything, with the first place in the sowing of the American Conference being secured by the champion of the past Super Bowl, and the AFC North finding his new champion.

Here, we present the most relevant of the first round of matches on Sunday of the Week 16:

Let me know if you’ve heard before: Atlanta took the lead, to see the lead slip away in the fourth period and end with a loss at hand. Sure, no one expected Falcons beat the Chiefs – they missed a field goal in the final moments – but it is impressive how they never deviate from the script. It was not the best match for Patrick mahomes, even despite the 17-14 win, but Travis Kelce did shine brightly, reaching the 1,400-yard mark to place himself, momentarily, as the leader of the NFL. Never has a tight end finished the season with the most receiving yards, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the star of Kansas City. The Chiefs Loved the first place in the sowing of the AFC with the triumph.

In such a difficult season for several teams, Cleveland joined the list by entering the game without a single wide receiver who had caught a pass in an official game of Baker Mayfield, on a visit to the Jets. In addition, Browns they didn’t have their two starting offensive tackles, and they missed a couple of linebackers. Sam Darnold, for the second week in a row, showed a lot of self-respect by pushing New Yorkers away even further from Trevor Lawrence, and stating that, perhaps, the problem is not the quarterback. the defeat of Cleveland, coupled with the stumble of Indianapolis and the victory of Baltimore, shakes the order of the wild card candidates in the Americana. A fumble of Mayfield in the end, recovered by the Jets, sealed the New York victory, 23-16.

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Indy took a wide lead early in the game, but Pittsburgh completed a third dream period, and Ben Roethlisberger flared up in the second half, to turn it around in a match in which the fans were undoubtedly missed waving the terrible towels. Pittsburgh mistreated the best offensive line in the league, and incidentally, pushed the race for the playoffs of the AFC with the victory of some Steelers that definitively tied the title of their division thanks to the triumph by 28-24.

For the umpteenth time in the year, Jaguars made an unsuccessful starting quarterback trade, returning to Mike Glennon to lose, 41-17, to the Bears, who did not hesitate to take advantage of the small gift that he extended to them the day before San Francisco with his victory over Arizona. Chicago His postseason spot is yet to be tied down, but he’s very close and they have fate in their hands. Again we must recognize a stellar match of the corridor David Montgomery for Chicago, one of the most fired players in the position in the final stretch of the year. The disaster, together with the victory of the Jets, secures the first global selection for Jacksonville.

The Giants basically gave up on whatever dream they still had of making the postseason, allowing the Ravens get a simple victory at home, 27-13, without putting up too much resistance. As is your custom, Baltimore accumulated over 100 rushing yards while Lamar Jackson was effective by air, each time finding greater rhythm with the veteran Dez Bryant, who caught his second touchdown pass since being with the franchise.

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Closed duel between two of the teams that are near the bottom of the classification of the American Conference, with victory for the Bengals, by 37-31. Nobody shone more than the quarterback of Houston, Deshaun Watson, who has proven every week, despite the record of the franchise, that it is worth the entire huge contract they gave him a few months ago. Cincy, who stopped running for the first overall inning with last week’s victory, fell further away from the top in the order of picks for the next draft.


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