Alleged Kentucky Fried Chicken secret exposed

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The taste secret of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s fried chicken pieces has reportedly been revealed. The “Chicago Tribune” reported that during a reporting trip, an employee accidentally came across the spice and herb mixture, which is kept top secret by the US fast food chain. The key ingredient is white pepper.

The newspaper had sent a journalist to the small town of Corbin, Kentucky. This is where Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) founder Harland Sanders, better known as KFC advert Colonel Sanders, lived. He sold the first chicken parts in Corbin more than 75 years ago.

Re-enactment in the test kitchen

According to the report, Sanders’ nephew Joe Ledington opened his door to the journalist – and his family album. A handwritten recipe was found there. “These are the original 11 herbs and spices that were supposed to be so secret,” Ledington said, according to the newspaper. In a later phone call, however, he was no longer quite sure that it was really the original.

In any case, the newspaper took action and used the mixture in question in a test kitchen. A comparison with a portion bought from KFC showed that the two variants were “practically indistinguishable,” the paper reported. KFC promptly rejected the representation.

Recipe in vault

Many people would have claimed that they found the original recipe. None of these claims were correct, “and neither is this one”. The fast-food company makes a fuss about the secret recipe. According to the company, it is kept in a safe and transported in an armored car.

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The Courier-Journal newspaper from Louisville, Kentucky, where KFC is headquartered, also got involved. In this case, he was on the side of the fast-food chain, explained a journalist from the “Courier-Journal” and judged the “Chicago Tribune” about the seasoning mixture: “Too much paprika in it”.

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