Amanda Haber sent a touching farewell message after her husband’s death

Amanda Haber, wife of deceased John Haber, posted a touching tribute to her husband today on Instagram. She also said that the next Dynamite broadcast will be a real work of art, the main one of which will be love and respect for Brody Lee.

56 hours passed. 56 hours since you left. It was strange sailing through this storm without you.

I showed Margaret a video of you tonight, and this is one of the last videos I had. I remember at that moment I mentioned Johnny Cash’s quote about heaven. You rolled your eyes and smiled. You knew I was right, but you never admitted it. When playing with the dogs, Nolan was always angry and Brody chased them.

I got angry looking at your last messages in our correspondence. We planned so much. Then I was marked on our old photographs. Photos that I forgot about. Photos that remind us of the life that you and I have built. The storms we have weathered I’ve loved you since that first night when we stayed up all night talking for hours. I knew you were “the one.” The strange tastes we shared, the ease with which I could speak to you, but most of all, your sense of humor. You could make me laugh like no other. I literally “ripped my guts”, which you were very proud of (that’s another story for another time).

On Wednesday, AEW will be a testament to the kind of person you were. Tony Khan has put so much thought and love into it that I know you would have been struck by the awe of creating this ether. I can’t wait any longer.

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You had an infectious personality that made everyone fall in love with you. The kind words, stories and photos they shared amazed me to the core. This broadcast is a wonderful work of art and a testament to the emotions you gave people.


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