Amazon CEO Bezos mentions shareholder letter, increased employee consideration | Reuters

Jeff Bezos, CEO of, who will retire this year on April 15, said in his final letter to shareholders as CEO that he needs to be more considerate of his employees. He gave his view. Taken in Washington, DC, September 2018 (2021 Reuters / Joshua Roberts)

[Reuters]–Jeff Bezos, CEO of, who will retire this year, needs to strengthen employee consideration in the final letter sent to shareholders as CEO on the 15th. He expressed the view that there is.

Amazon has been hindering the formation of unions, but the employee vote for union formation at a distribution base in Alabama in early April was rejected by a large margin.

“While the voting results are overwhelming and the direct relationships with employees are strong, it is clear that we need a better vision of how to create value for our employees,” Bezos said in a letter. The working environment of some of the 800,000 employees has been criticized for being poor.

Bezos argued that it was inaccurate to point out that employees were being treated as “robots.” After retiring, he announced that he would make efforts to strengthen the safety of distribution bases as chairman.

“Nothing changes in Mr. Bezos’ perception. Employees need a union,” RWDSU, a representative of the retail and wholesale trade union, said in a statement.


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