American Airlines employee dies after being sucked into an airplane turbine

An unusual event happened last Saturday at the Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama, United States, when a man was sucked into the turbine of one of the planes.

The event occurred with an aircraft that covered the Dallas-Montgomery route, and managed to land without any problem on the runway. However, the tragedy occurred when the workers began to unload the luggage.

Due to this, the air terminal was closed for at least five hours while they tried to contain the emergency, causing delays in several of the scheduled routes.

Through a press release, American Airlines regretted what happened and stated that they will guarantee the necessary support to the victim’s relatives.

“We are focused on ensuring that all those involved have the support they need during this difficult time,” the statement read.

After the incident, the airport authorities began exhaustive investigations to determine the causes that led the man to be sucked into the turbine.

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