American, brave: resumes flights with Boeing 737 Max after two years

First flight with passengers in the USA

RR | Miami | December 30, 2020

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The first flight with passengers in the United States of a Boeing 737 MAX since the authorities banned them in March 2019, after the two major accidents, joined Miami and New York on Tuesday, operated by American Airlines. The flight was destined for Laguardia airport in New York and its departure was delayed more than 40 minutes, according to the Miami airport.

The CBS television channel said that American had previously informed the passengers of the flight that the plane is a Boeing 737 MAX and offered those who are not willing to make the trip for that reason the possibility of changing to another flight at no cost or obtaining coupons to travel whenever you want (Aeroméxico returns to fly with the Boeing 737 Max to Cancun).

The first flight of the Boeing 737 MAX took place in January 2016 and was certified by the Federal Air Administration (FAA) in March 2017, the year it began service. The FAA gave Boeing the green light on November 18 to allow the 737 MAX to fly with passengers again, after the ban on its operations in 2019 after two accidents involving these aircraft that left 346 dead in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Investigation thereafter found that due to a technical failure, safety systems designed to prevent too rapid a climb of the aircraft had behaved improperly, causing precipitous descents that the pilots could not control and leading to fatal accidents. .

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Last Tuesday the 22nd, a Boeing 737 Max, owned by Air Canada, suffered a problem aired in all the American media. He was going from Arizona to Montreal when he suffered an engine problem (Boeing 737 Max: triggers alarm in Arizona Air Canada incident).

The Brazilian low-cost company Gol was the first in the world to use Boeing’s flagship aircraft after the suspension, on a flight between Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre on December 9 (Video – Gol Airlines: first flight with passengers of the Boeing 737 Max).

Although it was authorized in Brazil and the United States, the 737 MAX is still awaiting the decision of other civil aviation authorities around the world. The European Union and Canada are expected to vote next year on whether to return the aircraft to service. One question remains about the decision of China, one of the most important aeronautical markets in the world.

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