American convicted of drug trafficking in Arkansas captured

In a procedure carried out in Barranquilla (Atlantic) US citizen was located Patrick Dale Liljebeckwho was sentenced on charges related to drug trafficking by a judge of Arkansas state in the United States.

According to Alberto Acevedo Quintero, National Director of the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office, the citizen received, at the time, the benefit of probation and days later he left the country with false documents.

According to the accusing body, in 2018, he was located in Colombia with a citizenship card that belonged to a different person and sent to Spain for another judicial process. Two years later he was deported and settled on the north coast of the country. The CTI and the National Police located him again and established that he was moving with an ID that did not belong to him..

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“This person was made available to Colombian Migration, so that the expulsion procedures can be completed and he appears in the United States for the crimes of violation of probation,” explained Acevedo.

At the beginning of December 2022, Traore Mamoudou, a man of French nationality, was captured in the capital of Atlántico, who was wanted who is wanted in 195 countrieswhen he was accused of recruiting people to travel to Europe with drugs hidden in their luggage or attached to their bodies.

Traore Mamoudou was found by the authorities in a property located in Barranquilla, after having arrived in that city for approximately a year, escaping, according to the prosecutor, from the law and continuing with his activities of distributing drugs to different parts of the world.

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“Through the Specialized Directorate against Drug Trafficking, and the Dijín of the National Police pallowed to detect the exact place where the French citizen Traore Mamoudou was hiding, who was wanted in 195 countries,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

The apprehension of the man was communicated to the French authoritieswhich supported the investigative activity, and the embassy of that country in Colombia so that the legal procedures could be completed.

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