American receives racist letter for putting up black Santa Claus as decoration

A resident of North Little Rock (Arkansas) received an anonymous letter this week with racist content, reproaching him for the installation on his land of a decoration representing a black Santa Claus.

“You shouldn’t try to trick children into thinking I’m black,” the letter read, according to CNN. “I am a Caucasian white man to you, and have been for 600 years. Being jealous of my race is no excuse for your dishonesty.”

The letter, signed by “Santa Claus” (Father Christmas), was read by its recipient, Chris Kennedy, during a live video broadcast on his Facebook account.

In particular, she criticizes the installation of a decoration representing a black Santa Claus nearly seven feet tall, erected in Mr. Kennedy’s yard between a Christmas tree and a large sign that says “Joy”.

“What really angered me was the fact that the person who wrote it suggested that I move to the East where I guess she thinks all black people live,” lamented the resident in interview with the American media.

“I feel like it’s a combination of politics and real racism,” he also added.

Other residents of North Little Rock, whose African Americans make up nearly 45% of the population, also told him similar stories about racist remarks and gestures they received.

The residents of this town in Arkansas then decided to respond to this letter in their own way: by flooding the neighborhood with black Santa Clauses, the American media reported.

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