American road networks, from best to worst!

The Reason Foundation has been analyzing the major road networks in the United States since the 1980s and has just presented its 25th annual report. Let’s see if the truckers will agree!

The report assesses, among other things:

  • Costs and expenses of structures per mile;
  • The condition of the roadways;
  • Traffic congestion in urban areas;
  • The condition of the bridges;
  • Mortality rates linked to road networks …

The states that are higher in the rankings tend to be those with better road conditions and better profitability per mile.

Are you ready to know the 10 best states?

#10 : Montana

#9 : Arkansas

#8 : Mississippi

#7 : Tennessee

# 6: South Carolina

#5 : Idaho

#4 : Kentucky

#3 : Kansas

#2 : Missouri

# 1: Dakota of the North

And now here is the list of the 10 worst states:

#10 : Maryland

# 9: Hawaii

# 8: California

#7 : New York

#6 : Washington

#5 : Rhode Island

#4 : Massachusetts

#3 : Delaware

#2 : Alaska

#1 : New Jersey

The 5 states with the most fatal urban accidents, where you should definitely double your vigilance, are Arkansas, Hawaii, Arizona, Alaska and the worst, New Mexico.

The 5 states with the most fatal rural accidents are Alaska, South Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina and Hawaii.

Overall, the state that stands out is Massachusetts, and the state with the most fatalities is South Carolina.

Several causes can explain the accident rates in these states, but distracted driving remains one of the biggest contributors.

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