Amphibian Man and a leading theater actor. How will Vladimir Korenev be remembered

Vladimir Korenev is one of the most memorable figures in Russian theater and cinema. The actor has dozens of bright roles, the recognition of colleagues and the love of millions of viewers.

First experience and test of glory

Vladimir Korenev was born on June 20, 1940 in Sevastopol, where his father, the future Rear Admiral of the Navy, served. After the war, his family lived for several years in the Ukrainian town of Izmail, and then moved to Tallinn. It was in the Estonian school that the future actor, thanks to the teacher, became seriously interested in Russian literature, and then in theater. His classmate and later colleague Larisa Luzhina brought him to the drama club.

In 1957, Vladimir Korenev entered GITIS on the course of Olga Androvskaya, and the next year he made his film debut, playing a cameo role in the film Life Passed By. In his last year, he got the role of Ichthyander in the film by Vladimir Chebotarev “Amphibian Man”.

Despite the negative reviews from critics, the film became the leader of the Soviet box office in 1962 and brought Korenev all-Union fame. Peers of the same age wanted to be like his hero, and women threw love letters at the actor. Vladimir Borisovich read the letters, but there was no time to answer all the time.

Fame and popular love did not spoil the actor, but it took him some time to return to the ordinary life of a theater actor.

“When they say ‘copper pipes’ they mean a test of success. And it can be very scary. But somehow I got carried away. Wise parents and good friends were next to me. And then comes the understanding that we must also correspond to this popularity. You can live your whole life as a narcissist, looking in the mirror: “How God rewarded me, what a handsome man I am!” Or you can strive for something more, ”said Vladimir Korenev.

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Theater in the heart

The artist often repeated that he loves theater much more than cinema. In 1961, he joined the troupe of the Moscow Drama Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky (now – “Stanislavsky Electrotheatre”) and became a leading actor.

The first roles were beggar Filch in Bertolt Brecht’s Threepenny Opera and Kirpaty in Days of the Turbins by Mikhail Bulgakov. And one of the best works is considered Robin Hood in the play of the same name, staged by Ekaterina Elanskaya in 1968.

For more than 50 years at the theater, Vladimir Korenev has played in the productions of “Heart of a Dog”, “Talents and Admirers”, “Treachery and Love”, “Bourgeois Nobleman” and others.

In 2015, the artist, together with his wife Aleftina Konstantinova, played in the fantastic play The Blue Bird, which began a new life for the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, and in 2016 appeared in a new production Before Sunset.

Dozens of lives on screen

In addition to the famous picture “Amphibian Man”, Korenev is known to the audience for his roles in the films “Light of a Distant Star”, “Children of Don Quixote”, “Sons of the Fatherland”, as well as in the series “Liberation”, “Unknown Pages from the Life of a Scout”, ” Destructive Power – 5 “,” Blind “and” Last Confession “. The actor did not pursue roles and could refuse directors’ offers if the script seemed inappropriate to him.

Experience in directing

Vladimir Korenev made his directorial debut in 2011. On the stage of the Arkhangelsk Drama Theater named after M.V. Lomonosov’s performance “Dangerous Liaisons” was a success. There were also short performances-excerpts and work with graduate students during the leadership of the theatrical art department of the Institute for Humanitarian Education and Information Technologies.

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The first directorial work on the native stage of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre was the play The Maids of Sunset Boulevard. The premiere of the play took place in 2019. Vladimir Borisovich wanted to create a beautiful and daring production. For example, black and white recycled cellophane bags were used as decoration.

“I do what I like, and I have such an opportunity, – said the director. – I wanted to try something new. When you stage a play, you still internally lose for all the actors, you check this story with yourself. In art, everything depends on your personality. The more unlike the others, the better. The more you differ from some recognized norms, the more interesting it is for others. “

Love through the years

Vladimir Korenev met his future wife Aleftina Konstantinova at the institute. Unlike the artist’s fans, the girl appreciated in him not his appearance, but an extraordinary mind and a good storyteller. And she made the proposal to the groom herself, although, according to Vladimir Borisovich, he also thought about it.

The employment of the artists did not affect their personal life, they supported each other and managed to maintain feelings for many years.

Vladimir Korenev also sincerely admired the talent of his wife: “We rarely played together in the same performances, somehow it didn’t work out. But she’s just a wonderful actress, much better than me. “

Daughter Irina Koreneva followed in the footsteps of her parents and became an actress.

Condolences to the family and friends of Vladimir Korenev


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