An American company develops solar panels that are installed directly on the ground

They are in Arizona, their name is Erthos and they have in their portfolio the system that could revolutionize the development of solar parks in the world: they have managed to design modules that are installed directly on the ground, take advantage of the heat absorption properties of the earth and cost up to 20% less than conventional panels.

70% fewer cables and trenches

The aerodynamics of these panels, which can be installed without leaving gaps between them and configuring a large smooth surface that is very easy to clean and maintain, is excellent and allows up to 70% fewer cables and trenches to be used in the installation. The savings are considerable, both in time and money: they are installed in half the time it costs to set up a conventional solar park and require 20% less investment.

Withstands up to intensity 4 hurricanes

Erthos also states that its solar panel system resists up to force 4 hurricanes and can be adapted, with minimal leveling works, to almost any topography. For maintenance, they have designed a small robot that, at night, cleans the entire plant. At the moment, they already have plans for a large 100 MW solar park in Texas

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