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Published on 07/04/2022

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40 percent of the women surveyed find anal stimulation arousing

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You don’t talk about anal intercourse, it’s taboo. When the topic does come up, it’s usually about penetrative sex. But other touches on the buttocks can also be arousing for women. A survey provides insights.

IWhen it comes to sex, there are still social taboos these days. For example in anal intercourse. It is well known that many people feel pleasure and can reach orgasm as a result. But it is rarely talked about. For some men, this taboo status is the attraction. Anal sex is one of the most popular categories on porn sites. But how do women experience this kind of stimulation?

According to researchers from the US Indiana University Various touches in, on and around the bottom can be very exciting for women. That’s according to a survey of 3,017 straight, lesbian, and bisexual Americans. The scientists published the evaluation of the results in the journal “PLOS One‘ and in one press release.

The focus of the survey is education

Two fingers grope a grapefruit (symbol image clitoral stimulation)

In addition to clitoral stimulation, some women also find anal stimulation very pleasurable

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According to a 2021 international survey, only about 18 to 20 percent of all women orgasm during sex. One reason for this is the lack of education about female sexuality. Luckily, more and more people know that clitoral stimulation makes women more likely to climax.

With the “Popo” study – the first of its kind – sociology professor Devon Hensel and her colleagues also wanted to clarify other types of stimulation:

In this way, women can better recognize their own preferences, communicate and advocate for their sexual needs.

The data from the study comes from the 2018 “OMGYES Pleasure Report”, a representative survey in the USA on sexual behavior, relationships and sexual satisfaction of women aged 18 and over. The majority of participants reported being married or in a relationship. About 22 percent of the women were single.

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Participants were asked to answer questions about their experiences with sexual touching in, around, and on the anus. The researchers divided these into three categories:Anal Surfacing‘ (Touch at and on the anus, but not in it), ‘Anal Shallowing‘ (touch inside the anus but no deeper than a fingertip or knuckle) and ‘Anal Pairing‘ (a combination of butt stimulation and another sex act).

42.5 percent of respondents like being stimulated at the anus

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Touch is essential for sexual arousal

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40 percent find touching the anus nice, even 35 percent find light penetration of the buttocks pleasant. Above all, the combination of anal and clitoral stimulation or penetrative sex makes a difference for many: 40 percent of those surveyed feel aroused by it. In comparison, just over a fifth (22.3 percent) of the participants said that any form of anal sex was uncomfortable for them. However, almost a quarter (25.8 percent) had not tried any form of anal stimulation at the time of the survey.

For the perfect pleasure experience, it would also depend on who or what stimulates. Some women prefer to touch their own anus during sex or let their partner touch their finger. According to the survey, others prefer to be touched with a man’s genitals or with a sex toy.

The anus as a sexual organ

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Many women try anal sex for the first time with a partner

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The results may come as a surprise to some readers. In the survey, however, the participants also explain why this stimulation goes down well with them. Nearly 500 of the 3,017 respondents said touching the bottom is a “unique feeling that I find pleasurable.” 355 women stated that they would experience a more intense orgasm as a result. According to their own statements, almost four percent of all participants could come through anal stimulation alone. The study authors explain:

The location of the anus makes it a highly stimulating sexual organ.

Because a dense network of sensory nerves would be bundled at the buttocks, which, together with the genitals, are involved in sexual arousal and orgasm. Five percent of the women involved also stimulate the social taboo around anal intercourse.

But that’s exactly why many women only dare to try butt sex when a partner suggests it. This is at least the case for almost 45 percent of all participants who stated, “Anal Surfacing“, „Shallowing” or “Pairing‘ to like. About 18.5 percent found that they enjoy such stimulation when masturbating.

So if you want to literally feel your buttocks, you should proceed slowly and with the consent of your partner – and use a lot of lubricating gel.

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