Andréanne A. Malette emancipates herself completely in her new clip Alaska

On January 29, Andréanne A. Malette will reveal Sitka, his third career album. On the occasion of her imminent release, the songwriter-performer shared Alaska, a second extract (after the excellent piece The blaze) which comes with a clip. Still as catchy as the singer’s previous hits, the new offering is in praise of freedom.

Credit: Les Productions NIA inc.

This is why we find Andréanne A. Malette in northern territory where snow, conifers and a wolf are present to echo the words she sings. Inspired by Alaska, a region that fascinates her, she transports us ” between the towns of Sitka and Ketchikan »In order to calm the spirits to better achieve emancipation.

The result is an almost spiritual journey that takes us even deeper into the 32-year-old artist’s folk-pop. We salute her talents as a director; Andréanne A. Malette has indeed added a new string to her bow by making her very first clip.

This postage put on the table by Alaska Moreover, in the nine other tracks of the album, the musician allows the musician to address important themes, such as domestic violence, depression, mourning, guilt and hope.

L’album Sitka and the extract Alaska are available for pre-order now on streaming and downloading platforms, and on Andréanne A. Malette’s online store.

Behind the scenes

Psst: On the occasion of this big announcement, it was not only Andréanne A. Malette who was feeling proud, but also her lover of recent years, Olivier Savoie Campeau. The latter, who took care of drums and percussions in the album, had only congratulations to throw at his sweet that he considers the most hardworking.

« I am extremely proud of her, every day! Hardest worker in the room. Always “, Can we read under the superb photo of Andréanne.

Love is beautiful!

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