Angela Tuayeva has been working as a cook at school №3 in Alagir for over 10 years

He cooks with soul and always smiles. A good mood, according to her, is a guarantee of a delicious dish. The heroine of our plot is the chef Angela Tuaeva. Every day she feeds the children of the 3rd Alagir school. A large close-knit team is working under her leadership, which puts all its professionalism and love for cooking into each dish.

The collective in the kitchen of the 3rd Alagir school works as a single well-coordinated mechanism. Everyone knows exactly what he needs to do. So that by 10 o’clock the children can eat a delicious hot breakfast, the cooks begin to work at 7 o’clock. And sometimes even earlier. First, they make the blanks, and after that, they proceed directly to the preparation. Angela Tuaeva – like a conductor, easily directs and controls all processes in the kitchen.

Attention is paid to everything. Food proportions, freshness, cooking time. Angela tries not just to maintain all proportions, the main secret, according to her, is to approach everything with a soul. Buckwheat, meatballs with sauce. Lemon tea and sandwiches. Strictly adhere to the menu. Everything gets hot on the table for children. When children eat everything without a trace – this is the main assessment for the cook.

Angela has 12 years of experience as a cook at the Alagirskaya 3rd school. From childhood I firmly knew that she would follow in the footsteps of her mother. I managed to work in sanatoriums and hospitals. But it was at school that, she admits, she found herself.

Under the leadership of Angela Tuayeva, there are 3 cooks. Everyone unanimously speaks, over the years of work she managed to rally the team.

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Having refreshed themselves with a delicious and hearty breakfast, the children are full of energy to study further. And this means that the team of chefs does their job for a reason.

Alina Khastsaeva

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